Why Manufacturing Sector Collaborates with AR VR Education Companies?

Why Manufacturing Sector Collaborates with AR VR Education Companies?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, had you or your employees ever wondered how it would be to handle manufacturing operations from home? No, right? And we know, many entrepreneurs like you would have fretted even to imagine that before the ‘New Normal’. But, the last 2 years have shown us that everything is possible if we use technology properly. 

Coming back to the present, over 50% of the manufacturing sector companies use AR-VR technologies to handle factory operations. And, it is not only about handling the floor operations. The companies are even seeking help from the best trainers in the world to train their workforce virtually. So, it is significantly increasing their L&D output. 

In this blog, we will discuss some significant reasons AR VR Virtual Reality education service providers help incorporate L&D. But before that, let us see the scopes that gave rise to the collaboration of manufacturing industries with the AR VR companies. 

AR-VR Companies: Scope for Collaboration for the Manufacturing Sector

If we talk about the manufacturing sector, the AR VR spending is 13.8% in it. But why are these immersive technologies so popular in this domain? Well, the answer is below:

  • Both AR VR detects product’s deficiencies. It means companies can identify manufacturing problems before putting them on the assembly line.
  • Being a company, do you want to test prototypes of final products? Let AR VR do this for you! Create 3D models or virtual models and save millions of Pounds.
  • Is remote training on manufacturing harder with your remote workforce? AR VR training solutions replicate real machines through graphics, which means risk-free training is possible in any corner of the world!

Ways in Which AR VR Education Companies Influence Industries

Many reputed companies nowadays use AR-VR simulations to explain important industrial processes to their employees. And they have got efficient results by doing so. In this blog, we will discuss the 5 biggest influences that AR VR Education companies have left on the industries. So, let’s begin. 

1. Made Training Portable

Earlier, the trainers had to travel from one part of the globe to another to deliver training sessions to employees. But now, Augmented Reality is helping them connect to their subordinates from any part of the world. It has made industrial training portable, both for the trainers and the trainees. 

Take, for instance, earlier; if an employee had planned to leave on the scheduled training date, he would have no other option but to miss the training. But now, using the AR-VR technology, he can take part in training without being physically present in the workplace.                  

2. Reduced Risk of Injuries

Many industrial processes involve operating high voltage electrical appliances. Some operations also involve tools that can cause accidents. During the initial days of an employee, using such instruments is quite an experience. Also, it may lead to injuries. 

But, this situation can be handled better using Augmented Reality. Using AR techniques, simulated environments can be developed for training purposes. Hence, the employees learn to handle the instruments without actually handling them.             

3. Helped in Restricting On-Premise Attendance

Now AR-VR is a clear winner in this case. During the pandemic, many restrictions were imposed on local gatherings. A large group of employees were not allowed inside the premises. AR-VR has allowed the line managers, engineers, and supply chain executives to take care of the operations even from their homes. 

At the same time, it has helped industries to organise remote training sessions. In such sessions, the employees could train from their homes, without affecting the efficiency of the training sessions. As a result, industrial training could go on even during the strictest lockdowns across the world.   

4. Reduced Cost of Training

Wastage of resources has always been one of the biggest drawbacks of industrial training sessions. But, AR-VR has helped to reduce the training cost significantly. And the logic is pretty clear. Physical training involved real experimentation. Sometimes, costly tools and expensive chemicals get wasted just for the sake of training. 

But, with the help of AR VR education companies, you can develop virtual training setups where your employees will learn everything without wasting anything. Hence, your industry does not need to bear any additional expenditure just for the sake of training your employees.             

5. Increased Efficiency

AR-VR based training makes learning enjoyable, understandable, and engaging. As a result, it has higher efficiency than any other method of virtual training. And, this is not just an assumption; it is a fact. Over 30% of trainers working in reputed industries have agreed to this fact. 

Wrapping Up

From the above discussion, it is clear that the AR-VR solutions help better implement remote industrial training, reduce the training cost and risk, and increase its efficiency. On the reverse side, it is also true that many virtual reality education companies develop irrelevant and inaccurate training modules. They also do not follow any moral code for developing AR-VR products. Hence, selecting the right AR VR Education companies is essential. 

If your company is looking for an efficient AR VR service provider, you can definitely trust Acadecraft. We have certified AR-VR experts with years of experience in developing industrial training modules. All our AR-VR products are delivered after strict quality checks by technical experts. Hence, with our services, you always get trustable services with guaranteed accuracy. Some of the major features of our AR-VR services are listed below.

  • Expertise across Augmented, Virtual, Mixed, and Extended Reality Domains.
  • The virtual labs and training environment pass through three-step verification.
  • Our client support systems are open 24×7 for your assistance. 
  • Content developed in collaboration with subject matter experts.
  • We have a strict moral code in place. We do not develop any AR-VR product that might prove risky or addictive for your consumers. 

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