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Acadecraft is the leading test prep company that caters high-quality PHIL test prep services to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) administers a standardized test called PHIL (Philosophy Test). Hence, there is a growing demand for this examination amongst learners’ worldwide. Thus, education companies in the UK and worldwide offer test prep modules. However, they lack industry-leading linguistics parameters. In addition, they fail to deliver efficient learning solutions under tighter deadlines. Therefore, clients fill learning gaps by outsourcing PHIL test-prep services.

However, most of the service providers provide an outdated syllabus. Usually, being the philosophy test, this assessment requires an extra piece of information. Moreover, low-quality service providers do not design comprehensive exercises and structured philosophical questions. Thereby, clients receive lower learning outcomes because of disengaging solutions. The PHIL test complexity varies every year. Hence, integrating the latest syllabus and learning modules in the test prep package becomes essential for clients. Therefore, clients connect with the reliable PHIL test prep services provider offering a range of learning solutions. They put effective learning skills into ensuring higher ROI for clients

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have sufficient pedagogical resources and human resources offering compelling PHIL test-prep services. With us, clients receive customized test prep solutions meeting the UK and global education standards. Here, our team of highly qualified and experienced SMEs, instructional designers and content writers deliver compelling modules for higher learning ROI. They precisely supplement the learning curriculum with study guides, flashcards, online tutoring and group-based study programs. Moreover, we produce interactive learning modules for productive outcomes. Acadecraft delivers affordable multilingual assessment solutions for the PHIL test. Besides, our clients’ service is open 24*7 for different business verticals worldwide.

Types of PHIL Test Prep Services

Acadecraft meet the PHIL test prep requirements with the following test prep modules. We provide high-quality solutions with a quick turnaround time.

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Group Courses

Acadecraft develops high-quality learning modules for different learning modules. Our professionally curated group courses for the PHIL include skill and knowledge-based questions. Furthermore, our subject matter experts and content writers cover a range of topics. It fits perfectly for a small or large group of learners’ classrooms. Our platform develops digital and print group study materials in multiple languages for clients.

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Mock Tests

Acadecraft designs a compelling mock test paper for the PHIL assessment. Our platform offers a set of previous year questions, sample questions and sophisticated questions. Moreover, we provide affordable online and offline (print format) mock test solutions. It includes Civic Ethics, politics and Philosophy subjects. Our platform gives engaging mock test solutions highlighting the vital areas and concepts of the assessment.

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Online Tutoring

Acadecraft provides multilingual online tutoring solutions for different PHIL modules. We combine individual and group tutoring sessions in test prep packages. With us, clients receive virtual sessions compatible with all devices and platforms. Our certified experts are proficient in philosophical writing. They integrate it in the virtual sessions for quality education. Overall, we aim in delivering interactive tutoring packages.

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Acadecraft offers 24*7 Q&A solutions for the PHIL curriculum. Here, we provide practice reasoning question and answer support for formal studies. Our subject matter experts and content developers provide solutions for book and previous year question papers. Moreover, our interactive Q&A sessions provide solutions for short and descriptive questions. With us, clients receive full-time support by email, chat and call.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft is the certified PHIL test prep services provider for British colleges and universities. They avail of our 24*7 services to receive online tutoring and mock test solutions. Overall, we provide realistic and high-quality test prep packages to worldwide academic institutions.

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Acadecraft organizes PHIL curriculum for distance learning platforms and Ed-tech startups. Globally, eLearning giants avail of our PHIL test prep services to build remote learning programs. Moreover, we provide self-paced test prep packages to LMS providers.

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Digital and traditional publishing houses count on Acadecraft receiving valuable PHIL test-prep services. Our platform caters to the learning objectives of book and journal publication companies. Also, digital publishing companies outsource our Q&A and mock test solutions.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, there is the sole mission of academic professionals of delivering accurate test prep packages for the PHIL exam. Hence, we follow a disciplined methodology to offer high-quality PHIL test-prep services.

First, clients share the project input. Next, our project managers collaborate with them to analyze requirements. Then, the R&D team designs a blueprint aligning with clients objectives. After that, the production team of software designers and SMEs executes the plan by developing online and offline content. Finally, quality analysts examine the final draft, ensuring no errors.

Hence, we receive, design, execute and examine before project delivery.

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