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We are an eLearning company offering AP test prep to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

AP courses and exams are greatly beneficial to learners who aspire to undertake undergraduate courses in the US universities. Learners securing high credits in the AP exams use their credits to save tuition fees by skipping a few terms of core studies. AP level subject courses are considered equivalent to the first few terms of undergraduate programmes, so they are not easy. Hence, clients seek professional help from test-prep services.

However, all test prep services are not equipped with experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for all the 38 AP test subjects. They lack academic writers and linguists to create professional and relevant content for the various science, arts, design, and language subjects. Moreover, young learners need the motivation to continue learning the high-level courses, so the modules must be interactive and fun. Hence, clients must partner with agencies providing the human and technical expertise required to build innovative test prep modules for clients worldwide. Also, they must provide their services on time.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is an experienced test prep service provider catering to exams conducted worldwide. Our team curates innovative learning solutions and tests for clients preparing learners across a wide range of exams. The SMEs here are trained and qualified to create authentic content for multiple AP level subjects like English, Chinese. Design, Computer Science, Math, and more. We also have academic writers well-versed with the prerequisite knowledge and vocabulary usage of target learners. They transform the content to suit their level of understanding and language proficiency. As a result, our content helps learners engage and understand better.

Moreover, we include various interactive elements in our test prep modules. Our graphic designers create relevant diagrams, charts, tables, images, and indexes. These attract learners and motivate them to learn quickly. We create gamification modules, including online quizzes, revision tests, and dictations. The test-prep services are reliable, affordable, and precise, enhancing the client’s ROI and brand image. Lastly, our customer service team works day and night to provide complete support and accommodates all alteration requests.

Types of AP Test Prep Services

We deliver multiple test prep solutions to clients worldwide. The solutions enhance learning management, engagement, and concept understanding. They are affordable and precise.

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Study Materials

Our SMEs create accurate and relevant study materials for all AP exam subjects. We create them in multiple formats for eLearning and classroom activities. Our experts adhere to the syllabus standards and curriculum requirements at all times. We strictly abide by all accessibility and quality guidelines.

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Mock Tests

We conduct online and offline mock tests for all subjects under the AP curriculum hosting them on our test portals or integrating them into their LMSs. Our tests provide instant feedback using which learners can work on their weaknesses and enhance their strengths to secure a high score overall.

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Online Tutorials

Acadecraft has experienced tutors for all subjects included in the AP tests. They are familiar with the syllabus needs and frame their lessons accordingly. Moreover, they are adept at using different multimedia tools like images, videos, illustrations, PPTs, and more. We provide live and recorded sessions.

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Group Study Modules

Acadecraft’s software and gamification experts create interactive group study modules where multiple learners can discuss their doubts, solve papers together, and communicate with instructors. It enhances the competitive spirit of learners and helps them release their standing among other applicants.

Our Clients

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We provide test prep services to eLearning platforms containing authentic content and interactive elements like images, online quizzes, animated lectures, and more. They are compatible with all devices, LMSs, and learning platforms.

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Schools and exam preparation centres in the UK rely on us for AP learning materials and mock tests. We include validated questions and accurate information adhering to the syllabus needs and learning objectives. We also offer printed materials.

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Academic publishers create question banks, solution manuals, reference books, guides, and other materials to assist clients with AP test prep. Our experts deliver the content on time, irrespective of project volume, complexity, and budget.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we create engaging learning materials and test prep solutions for the AP exams in the UK. The solutions boost the confidence of learners and motivate them to learn more and at their own pace.

First, we collaborate with the client to understand their needs. Then, based on their budget, we design a blueprint previewing the different services we can offer. Following this, we assign a team of SMEs and other specialists to create the content for the test prep materials. Next, our software experts incorporate the content into compatible online and offline learning modules, which our quality analysts review for accuracy before delivering.

Hence, we understand, design, assign, create, incorporate, and review before delivery.

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