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When it comes to customizing the best test prep solutions for GCE A-Level, we are the most preferred choice of our customers.
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Key Issues

A-level is basically an advanced level qualification that helps in finding out the perfect university depending upon your scores and expectations. Scoring high grades in this A-level examination helps in granting admission to the reputed universities of the UK. As this is an internationally recognized entrance exam, there is huge competition for this exam. Therefore, clients who deal with these academic test preparations, often look for professionals who can prepare effective test prep solutions that will help their learners in clearing out the exam.

Often customers have to undergo a lot of problems if they are dealing with any inexperienced service providers. The most prominent issue that they face is that they end up offering monotonous content and commonly lack a variety of test preparation modules. So, it is always advised to go for premium quality services. Apart from this, there are some service providers who curate unique and innovative content for test prep modules but they never deliver the project on time, which is quite a crucial issue. Obsolete and postponed test prep modules are always useless. However, there are some agencies that fail to analyze which stuff is good for the learners so that they can approach the clients with some ideas. Therefore, prior to opting for any service provider, clients must be assured of the fact that they will not face these sorts of issues.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is one of the leading test prep solution service providers in the UK and worldwide. We have a team of in-house Subject Matter Experts, research, and quality analysts who help in creating the best test prep content for clients around the world. Also, we have instructional designers who have gained technical expertise in integrating various interactive components into the learning modules for GCE A-level examinations. It incorporates whiteboards, flashcards, videos, graphics, and animations, and so on. Our pool of experts specializes in customizing every project as per the needs and requirements of the clients.

What makes our services highly preferred among others is that our customized online test prep content is viable across all devices and it adheres to the course curriculum and question pattern of the GCE A-level examination. While creating the learning modules for A-level aspirants, we make use of various formats, languages, and vocabulary depending upon the target audience. Each of the projects that we deliver to our clients is created after doing extensive research work so that the clients get satisfactory results. However, our services are 24*7 available for our clients which helps in addressing all issues of the clients. Also, we ensure high-quality services at affordable costs with guaranteed on-time delivery.

Kinds of Test Prep Services for GCE A-Level

Acadecraft is known for creating excellent test preparation modules for various standardized examinations of the UK. Many reputed organizations and institutes rely upon our customized solutions for their high quality and easy accessibility.

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Argumentative Tests

At Acadecraft, we have test planners that create various argumentative tests for enhancing the understanding ability and problem-solving approach of the clients. These tests usually consist of different argumentative and assertive questions. In addition to this, we utilize various interactive components and appropriate vocabulary in the tests.

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Reasoning Tests

Our pool of professionals at Acadecraft design different sorts of reasoning tests that assist the learners of the clients in developing their thinking abilities. It is purely developed on the basis of the GCE A-level syllabus which incorporates quantitative, logical, and numerical reasoning. Also, it empowers the basic thinking ability of learners.

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Question Banks

Our Subject Matter Experts design standard and structured question banks for the students of A-levels. Prior to delivering the clients with relevant question banks, our quality analysts validate and approve all the questions being included in it. Additionally, for easy understanding and quick learning of the students, we offer feedback within a moment.

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Mock Tests

The experts of Acadecraft create various sorts of mock tests as per the specified syllabus and following the same question pattern. As these tests are time and subject coded, it helps our clients in making familiar to their learners with the GCE A-level exam pattern. Furthermore, it also assists their learners in dealing with time management which is quite effective for them.

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Online Tutorials

At Acadecraft, we always customize the on-demand online tutorials for our clients. It helps them in engaging their learners and provides them with knowledgeable information. Also, we provide tutorials on various languages so that it is accessible to a wide range of worldwide audiences. All these online tutorials are created and verified by certified professionals who have gained relevant experience in doing so.

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Composing Tests

We also develop a huge number of composing tests for the practice of the learners so that they get habituated to writing and can easily qualify for the writing tests of A-level exams. Our clients make use of the essay writing modules which assist the learners in practicing and fostering the composing abilities of learners.

Our Clients

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E-Learning Platforms

The digital test prep solutions created by the Acadecraft team are worldwide popular and we have been consistently helping various e-learning platforms through creating responsive and interactive A-level test prep solutions for their remote learners. In addition to this, all our solutions are extensively compatible and accessible.

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Publishing Houses

There are various clients who deal with major publishing houses and they utilize our test prep contents for creating solution manuals for the A-level learners. In addition to this, they choose our services since we convey to them the manuals and contents in both computerized and printable forms.

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Educational Institutes

Many universities and schools of the UK largely depend upon our customized test prep materials for their GCE A-level learners. The main reason due to which they heavily rely upon our customized modules for the test preparation is that all our modules are prepared under the guidance of expert SMEs and quality analysts.

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How it Works?

Our team at Acadecraft delivers quality results for each of the tasks being assigned. Apart from this, we guarantee our esteemed clients 100% satisfaction through our collaborative services. We follow a streamlined approach in dealing with these test prep modules.

As soon as a client approaches us for creating their specified test prep modules for the respective exam, we associate with them and try to comprehend their prerequisites. After that, we design a blueprint following which we proceed to create the content. We begin with handling the project to our research experts who carry out the information that should be included in the test prep modules. During the creation process, our experienced SMEs follow different techniques that enhance the quality of the content and validate the level of the examination. Thereafter, it is being handed over to our software experts who well integrate the content with the digital e-learning platforms and also LMSs. Prior to this, the test prep modules are reviewed and accessed by our quality analysts’ team for checking their accuracy and validity.

Thus, we work together, plan, create, coordinate and survey before final delivering to the clients.

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