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Acadecraft is the leading test prep service provider catering professional CBT test prep services to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) conducts a nursing assessment known as a computer-based test (CBT). It is an online assessment including objective questions. However, academic clients lack sufficient pedagogical tools and nursing knowledge to curate engaging test prep modules. Technical glitches, outdated content, and inappropriate nursing knowledge are few challenges that surround clients. Moreover, theoretical and practical knowledge is a must to develop high-quality modules. Therefore, clients avail of professional CBT test-prep services.

Mostly, CBT prep service providers lack meeting Pearson VUE standards. Also, low-quality service providers fail to assess the subject’s specific questions related to midwives' activities. Moreover, critical questions are the secret of making learners exam ready. But, clients’ in-house team lacks subject-specific nursing knowledge, which delivers disengaging content. Disengaging test prep modules dents the clients’ effort of developing high-quality test prep modules. Hence, they connect with the certified CBT test prep services provider who follows UK health education protocols. They provide reliable services with higher ROI

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, our professional academic experts provide impeccable CBT test-prep services. Here, they cater to professional objectives to clients in the UK and worldwide. Moreover, we deliver affordable, multilingual, and productive solutions for higher ROI. Our platform curates test prep modules aligning with English nursing ethics, medical procedures, and health guidelines.

Acadecraft integrates professional values, nursing practice, decision making skills in affordable test prep packages. We facilitate interactive learning by integrating blended learning, digital learning, and gamification solutions. Besides, our professional developers have years of experience making test-prep modules precise and compact. Our services are open 24*7 for clients worldwide.

Types of CBT Test Prep Services

Acadecraft has proficiency in fostering interactive test prep for clients. Thereby, they count on our valuable CBT Test Prep Services for productive results.

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Practice Sessions

Acadecraft curates high-quality practice sessions to elevate the nursing learning experience. Our experts integrate virtual lab solutions and blended learning opportunities to develop the practical ability of learners. Moreover, we follow NMC CBT guidelines to impart theoretical and technical instructions. Furthermore, we address challenging medical concepts in our sessions. All in all, our practice sessions address sophisticated concepts like mental health, child health, and general physician subjects.

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Mock Tests

The R&D team at Acadecraft develops computer based tests (CBT) as a replica of the actual examination. Here, we integrate time coded mock test papers compatible with different operating software and devices. Our curated, customized LMS in mock tests allow clients to track learners’ progress. Also, we include constructive suggestions to improve scores at the end of the mock test solution. Overall, we cover all nursing theoretical aspects with previous year questions in our mock test solutions.

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Online Tutoring

Acadecraft has certified online tutors with years of CBT learning experience. With us, clients receive multilingual online tutoring solutions for flexible schedules. Here, we discuss the latest curriculum questions and syllabus. Also, we provide explanatory answers for several sophisticated medical jargon in our virtual sessions. Our platform offers 24*7 assistance to clients via email, chat, and call. We provide online practice study materials which retain vital medical concepts. It includes physical therapy, nursing pharmacy, and chiropractic.

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Study Guides

Acadecraft covers NMC CBT adult nursing topics randomly in study guides. Furthermore, we offer multilingual study guides catering to the professional requirements of clients worldwide. Our guide formats include PDF and Word. Our experts curate testimonials, study tips and tricks, and shortcuts to solve sophisticated questions. We provide accessible solutions with high-quality practice questions and learning annotations. All in all, we integrate the fundamentals of UK nursing education in our compelling study guides.

Our Clients

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British colleges and universities worldwide avail of our reliable CBT test-prep services. Our platform serves online tutoring and study guides to public and private colleges in the UK. Moreover, valuable educational clients receive 24* 7 solutions from our end.

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Worldwide, Ed-tech firms and distance learning companies count on Acadecraft. With us, eLearning clients receive online tutoring and virtual practice sessions at affordable prices. All in all, we develop reliable test prep packages for online learning companies.

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Well-renowned publishing companies worldwide collaborate with Acadecraft. They avail of our CBT test prep services for mock tests and study guides. Our platform meets the customized requirements of clients by delivering accurate test prep packages.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our professional academic experts put extensive knowledge and pedagogical resources into delivering CBT test-prep services. We follow the relevant L&D process ensuring effective outcomes.

First, our project managers collaborate with clients to analyze project requirements. Next, strategists design the blueprint for developing appropriate test prep modules. Then, the production team executes the plan and integrates all CBT concepts into the solution. Finally, quality analysts examine and review the draft to ensure accuracy.

Hence, we collaborate, design, execute and examine before delivering projects.

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