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Providing High-Quality TOEFL Preparation Modules In The UK

We are an eLearning company providing TOEFL test prep to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

TOEFL is a standard English language test whose scores are widely accepted by colleges and universities of over 130 countries. Academic clients worldwide emphasise a high TOEFL score for their learners to get admitted into their dream colleges. It is not easy because the test focuses on high-level vocabulary and formal academic English. So, it is tough for many native English speakers as well. As a result, educational institutes and learning centres rely on professional test prep agencies.

However, all learning companies cannot provide the best services because they lack research analysts and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create effective content. On the other hand, some agencies have resource experts but lack the technology to transform the content into interactive modules. Tests need motivation, so clients must provide unique and interesting study materials that attract learners. Hence, clients must connect with agencies providing both resource and technical support and deliver on time.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a leading eLearning company in the UK, Acadecraft provides some of the best test prep services to clients worldwide. We have experts dedicated to TOEFL to conduct extensive research and create effective modules. The modules contain question banks, practice sheets, worksheets, solution manuals, study help, and more. We create them in both online and offline formats. Also, the modules include various multimedia elements like images, infographics, charts, graphics, and other interactive elements. The online test modules are gamified to include various levels, missions, rewards, and more. It enhances the concentration and engagement of learners so that they are motivated to learn more and faster.

If needed, we localise the instructions in different languages as well. It helps learners understand the modules in their native language and solve the questions easily. We also have online tutors providing live and recorded lessons to learners as per their convenience and schedule. Our services are available 24/7, and we deliver to clients worldwide, ensuring timely delivery for every project. Also, we accommodate the changing syllabus patterns and update our content regularly.

Types of Test Prep Services

We provide different types of test prep solutions to enhance learner understanding, concept quality, and clients' output. All solutions are prepared after intense research and validation.

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Reading Tests

We organise multiple reading sessions for our clients inline and offline. Our experts include online tutors who evaluate the reading skills of learners on a one-on-one or group basis. We also create audiobooks with lectures and reading notes recorded by our native English speakers familiar with the TOEFL standards.

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Listening Tests

These are crucial for TOEFL preparation, especially for non-native English speakers. The accents in English across different regions of the UK and worldwide may confuse learners. So, clients use our software tools and audio lessons to familiarise their learners with the different speaking styles. It helps them understand better.

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Speaking Tests

TOEFL may not necessarily focus on conversational English, but it does evaluate the speaking abilities of the learner. We conduct live sessions where our experts hold real conversations and dialogues. They provide instant feedback and point out the areas of improvement to the learners to improve their skills quickly.

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Writing Tests

Writing is a crucial part of any language test. TOEFL has its standards that learners must meet to ensure a high score. Our experts create solution modules having examples of high-quality professional and academic writing. Acadecraft's experts enhance the learners' vocabulary usage, writing style, tone, and other elements.

Our Clients

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Various eLearning platforms provide training and online lessons to TOEFL aspirants. We supplement their services with effective study materials, audiobooks, online tutors, and more. All our resources are credible and delivered on time.

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Colleges and universities worldwide use our TOEFL test prep services to prepare their learners. These enhance the chances of qualification and help learners overcome the exam jitters by practising multiple practice papers and mock tests.

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Solution manuals, guide books, question banks, and practice papers are popular in the market. We help academic publishers create reliable and affordable learning content in online and offline formats for clients worldwide.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our experts collaborate to deliver high-quality test prep for TOEFL. Our services help learners boost their understanding, confidence, and pace of learning.

First, we understand the client's requirements. Depending on the type of content needed, we assign a team of specialists. They design a blueprint previewing the services, and based on it; the SMEs create the content. Following this, our designers and artists develop images, videos, audio recordings, illustrations, graphics, and more. Then, our software experts integrate the text and multimedia modules to form a compact digital or printable module. Finally, our quality analysts review the modules for accuracy, interactivity, and compatibility.

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