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Key Issues

Most readers give up on a book or quickly move on to another because it was not visually appealing enough or arranged in a way that disrupted the fluidity and organization. These little elements often go unnoticed by the reader but are greatly important for the creators and publishers. It is difficult to find agencies that offer accurate typesetting solutions due to the lack of experienced typesetters. Hence, many academic publishers find it challenging to locate expert typesetting services that can deliver timely content across various concept fields.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's team is experienced in typesetting diverse academic content while adding images, illustrations, and graphics wherever needed. As a leading typesetting service provider in the UK, we assure originality of design and timely delivery of services. Our services are designed along with the motive of the book's vision, the mood of the content, the audience it will cater to, and any other requirements that the client may desire. Owing to our years of experience in the typesetting business, we can now quickly spot misfits and errors and fix them to ensure even tones, proper margins, correct typefaces, and font styles, and much more. The team uses reliable platforms to verify codes and evaluate results. Our services are professional and include designing, publishing, and printing academic material after appropriate visual elements and formatting additions.

Types Of Typesetting Services

We offer the following typesetting services

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Typesetting & Composition

Acadecraft offers professional typesetting and composition services to our clients around the globe. Academic content often includes mathematical, chemical, and scientific equations or formulas. Multilingual texts like Cyrillic, Greek, or Latin names are also quite common. Our team takes care of each and every format.

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Creative Formatting

Our formatting techniques involve selecting the appropriate typeface, fixing widow and orphan words or lines, including footnotes, endnotes, and quotations, cleaning text rags, removing unused spaces, fonts, and swatches, removing bleed or crop marks; managing image resolution, and colour.

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Rights & Permissions

Apart from the core typesetting services, Acadecraft is experienced in securing rights and permissions related to publication, which helps smooth content and allows prompt publishing. Our in-house team of legal experts is familiar with all the legal formalities and limitations that concern typesetting and publishing.

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Alt-text Services

Acadecraft believes in providing all-inclusive services to all clients alike. Hence, we provide alternative text service as a part of our typesetting services with our skilled Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who recognize and add all the essential details of diagrams, images, tables, and graphs.

Our Clients

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We are the best typesetting service provider for ebooks and trade books related to higher education across various fields of study. We offer typesetting services for Digital Magazines, Media Houses, and Periodicals.

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Educational Institutions

We are a trusted partner for several leading educational institutions in the UK and wordwide. We deliver the best results to various universities, higher educational bodies, and research institutes, and the like.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we deliver high-quality typesetting services that ensure accuracy and increase user engagement.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Based on that, we develop a blueprint and design the content using the latest software technology. Finally, our quality analysts review the designs before delivery.

Hence, in our six-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, develop, design, review and deliver.

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