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About Our Resources

There are abundant learning services in the industry. They provide academic learning, corporate learning, eLearning, and much more, but the quality of their work keeps clients coming back.

The quality of services directly depends on the quality of resources. Fast turnaround times, the ability to handle large volumes of information, strong command over various languages, in-depth knowledge and experience in academic disciplines are the core indicators of adequate resources. Choosing a service provider that can guarantee optimal resources for every learning need across all industry sectors is challenging.

As a leading eLearning company in the UK, Acadecraft assures that clients can avail their services from the most qualified industry experts in the field of learning. We provide experienced professionals who work collaboratively to deliver a range of learning solutions, consultations and content to clients from all industry sectors. They are available 24/7 and offer services in multiple languages worldwide.

Types Of Resources

Acadecraft houses talented resource persons who are skilled and trained in many fields that enable them to deliver high-quality services in the stipulated time. They are qualified to communicate with clients from all work domains and provide eLearning solutions in various languages and dialects worldwide.

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Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts at Acadecraft create academic, technical, corporate and vocational content for educational and training modules, manuals, applications and learning tools in multiple languages. They provide reliable facts and details to develop extensively researched and customised courses, videos, audiobooks, localisation services, assessments, marketing schemes and promotional campaigns.

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Content Editing Services

Acadecraft’s editors accurately proofread, fact-check and edit content related to education, marketing, training and various other industrial sectors in the UK to enhance its readability. They deal with formal, informal, local, cultural, academic, authoritative, legal and creative content. They use the latest technology to edit and deliver content on time according to the content development requirements, standards, and legalities.

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Alt-Writer Services

Acadecraft’s professional and capable Alt-text writers help businesses by assisting them with accurate Alt-texts to ensure easy readability and a better understanding of visuals. They work manually on every project to ensure perfection and uniqueness. They offer a detailed description of all visual elements in educational books, academic courses, industrial training and marketing schemes.

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Online Tutoring Services

Acadecraft’s qualified tutors deliver round-the-clock assistance in all concept fields. They have the best communication, language, and knowledge skills required to fulfil all business needs and learning goals. Our tutors use audio, video, and graphical elements to deliver engaging lessons through video calls, texts, direct calls and Skype. They provide quick email responses before time delivery, revisions, lesson summaries, and monthly reports.

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TInstructional Designers

Acadecraft’s instructional designers are competent and skilled in designing eBooks, thesis, brochures, presentations, training modules and other instructional content. They work with SMEs, software developers and quality analysts to create content that ensures client satisfaction, user engagement and increased productivity. They develop management systems and select, modify, and create customised design and development models.

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Technical writers

Technical writers at Acadecraft create accurate and comprehensive documents that help clients improve their customer service, connect to their target audience and solve problems. They develop explanatory content describing technical features, software advancements, latest updates and more. They produce technical reports, user guides, blogs and training modules as per the business goals and project motives.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we provide reliable and experienced resources for all kinds of eLearning services to clients across all industry sectors in the UK and worldwide. They have a history of delivering quality work on time.

First, we collaborate with our clients and understand their requirements. Then, we identify the work areas and choose the required resources. Our team then executes the project, which our quality analysts finally review for accuracy of information.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, identify, choose, execute and review before providing any resource.

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