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Businesses worldwide are involved in various ideation and creation processes for delivering products and services that make customer's lives easy. However, any service is beneficial only if it is reaching the right people at the right time.

Every business has a digital platform today, but just operating a website or social media page is not enough. The content presented on those platforms, its cultural relevance and format, determine its accessibility and impact.

As a leading content development company in the UK, Acadecraft provides various accessibility services to its clients across all industry sectors. Our services assure that your content is reaching the right audience and accessible by all. We especially focus on the global and regional accessibility standards so that specially-abled people or people from remote areas with backward technology can also benefit from the content.

Types Of Accessibility Services

Acadecraft values the ambitions of its clients and delivers customised accessibility services to aid their growth and expansion. The type of service we use depends on the client's accessibility standards, kind of content, target audience and requirements.

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Accessibility Auditing

Acadecraft's team of professional web accessibility auditors and consultants provide accessible web content to clients across all industry sectors. They identify clients' core problem areas and create accessible web content aligned with their business interests and user growth. Our web accessibility auditing services guarantee compliance with level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

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Alt Text Writing

Acadecraft's experienced Alt-text writers deliver accurate and descriptive Alt-texts for all kinds of visual information like videos and images. Our Alt-texts writers are fluent in different languages and academic disciplines and provide services that improve topical relevance, user engagement and communication. Our services help businesses and learners to understand visuals elements better.

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Accessibility Testing

Acadecraft's team of accessibility consultants effectively locate all accessibility barriers and deliver accessible web content for all. Our team is familiar with all the latest web accessibility evaluation tools and help clients by providing content that is accessible to specially-abled people and those with compromised service or location issues. They abide by the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

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Accessibility Remediation

Acadecraft provides a multitude of accessibility remediation services that help clients by detecting and eliminating accessibility barriers. We deliver optimal remediation services for all forms of content like PDFs, word documents, captions, audio descriptions, video, subtitle and voice-overs. Our experts remediate digital assets and recreate the content if needed.

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Accessible Video Lectures

Acadecraft provides professional and accessible video lecture services using both manual and software tools to ensure accuracy and high quality. We adhere to all compliance and accessibility guidelines. Our video lectures guarantee higher engagement through images, illustrations, animation and other such visual elements. At Acadecraft, we serve our clients 24*7 across all time zones.

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Explainer videos

Acadecraft's talented video creators design well-researched, accessible, step-wise and solution-oriented explainer videos for various topics and concept fields. Clients rely on our videos to present new information, updates, work schemes, or product demos. Our experts deliver interactive content incorporated with captions, subtitles, voice-overs, dubbing and audio descriptions at affordable rates.

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Acadecraft provides accessibility services for the clients of the learning industry in the UK and worldwide. eLearning platforms, schools, colleges and universities use our services to test and remediate existing content. We create learning modules accessible using any device, location and browser. Specially-abled learners also benefit from our content.

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Acadecraft creates accessible content for the publishing industry clients. Our SMEs develop content for all genres and formats of information. It is based on the target audience, language and concept field. We audit, test and remediate audio, video, and text content to comply with global and regional accessibility standards.

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Acadecraft provides accessibility testing and remediation services to corporate clients across all sectors based on their target audience and business goals. Our team creates employee training modules, software training programmes and industry training videos accessible to specially abled employees, those working from home and other remote locations.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we deliver quick, high-quality and affordable accessibility services to clients across all industry sectors in the UK and worldwide. Apart from testing, remediation and consultation services, we also create accessible content.

First, we collaborate with our clients and understand their requirements. Then, we identify the work areas and collect the content before choosing a suitable service. Our team then executes the project, which our quality analysts finally review for accuracy of language, information and accessibility.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, identify, collect, choose, execute and review before delivering any accessibility service.

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