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Assuring Web Accessibility Standards Worldwide Through Precise Auditing and Evaluating services

Our expert accessibility auditors provide inclusive web content to support the needs of specially abled to all our valued clients.
Accessibility Auditing

Key Issues

Web accessibility ensures that information and services on the internet are available and accessible to all.

Professional accessibility auditors identify critical areas of improvement and evaluate the content earlier itself to assure easy accessibility. They need to be proactive and be familiar with all the legal guidelines that may jeopardise a business's reputation if not adhered to. However, finding the right web accessibility auditing service that can deliver content across a wide range of topics is challenging.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's team of professional web accessibility auditors and consultants provide accessible web content to clients across all industry sectors in the UK They have a deep understanding of accessibility standards worldwide and develop detailed information about every project's target audience. They identify clients' core problem areas and create accessible web content aligned with their business interests and user growth. Our surveys help us collect useful data about the target audience and their consumption patterns to assure interactive and engaging content delivery. The team of auditors provides well-researched and reliable content that is easy-to-understand and attractive at the same time. They use automated tools alongside manual testing methods to ensure precise and on-time delivery.

Types Of Auditing Services

We deliver timely and professional accessibility auditing services for different businesses to enhance ease of access and content available to all audiences. Our experts can provide content across multiple work domains and academic disciplines.

Online Accessibility Audit Services

Acadecraft offers correct auditing services following specific client guidelines and criteria to assure accessibility to all. Our QA experts check for quality assurance to deliver enhanced accessibility.

Accessibility auditing services
Manual Auditing

Our team of experts provides manual auditing services to locate all problem areas and rectify false positives declared by the automated auditing tools. It allows double filtration of the content and increases accuracy.

Accessible Auditing Services
Functional Auditing

Acadecraft's available auditing services test whether the website content is accessible to people with disabilities and users of assistive technologies or not.

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Device Compatibility

Here, we assess the content for its compatibility across different devices like tablets, mobiles, laptops, and desktops of all screen sizes. We also assure software compatibility so that users with older versions of browsers and applications can also view and gain from the content.

Accessibility Auditing Services in USA
Academic Accessibility

Acadecraft's web accessibility auditing experts create and test educational content, resulting in engaging, easy, and essential information available to all. Our services cater to all levels and fields of education while adhering to the client's curriculum needs and learning goals.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides accurate accessibility auditing services to companies providing E-learning facilities worldwide. Our experts can assess content available in multiple languages and across various academic fields to assure equal learning opportunities to all.

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Educational Institutes

Schools, universities, colleges, and higher education institutes across the United Kingdom rely on our services to assure optimal content delivery to all. Acadecraft delivers accessibility auditing and testing for content related to different subjects, courses, and education levels as per the client's curriculum needs and learning goals.

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Acadecraft audits and tests numerous training modules, skill-development videos, product demos, promotional content, and more for accessibility standards. Our experts are well-versed with all technical and industrial terms used in such content and offer certifications and consultations to clients across all sectors.

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How It Works

Workflow at Acadecraft guarantees effective accessibility auditing of all digital content forms for industries to help them gain certification and broader audience reach.

We first identify the client's needs and detect all the accessibility and readability issues in the content. Then, we document the various methods to audit the content and finally deliver the solutions after quality assurance.

Hence, in our five-step process, we identify, detect, document, audit, and assess.

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