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Accurate Content Review and Validation for Effective Study Material Development

Acadecraft delivers timely and affordable content review, editing, and validation services for textbooks, study materials, research papers, and many other types of educational content.
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Key Issues

The educational content developers often search for professional content review and validation service providers regularly. It is because reviewing educational content requires deep subject and curriculum knowledge. The review service providers need to check the accuracy and genuineness of the facts stated and the stats provided. Along with that, they also need to check whether the content follows the prescribed curriculum or not.

However, many services providing companies check only the correctness of the content. They often fail to check whether the content is relevant as per the syllabus or not. It is mainly because the service providers lack experienced curriculum experts. That is why they fail to edit irrelevant content. Also, study material developing companies require faster service in bulk quantity. But, many service providers lack adequate resources to deliver long-term services.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has highly qualified and experienced subject matter experts and curriculum researchers for all the major subjects included in the school curriculum. Our curriculum researchers study the prescribed syllabus upto the K12 level in the UK. Hence, our team is well familiar with the exact topics required to be added to the study materials.

Acadecraft follows a four-layered content review and validation process. The content is checked by the subject matter experts, data reviewers, senior subject experts, and curriculum researchers. We also use some expert-curated content review tools to judge the readability and understandability of the academic content.

Acadecraft always delivers the services within deadlines. Also, our services and affordable and regular. We offer textbook review, study material review, question paper review, and research paper review and validation services. Our experts deliver the services in both online and offline modes. We provide full-time support to our clients.

Types of Content Review and Validation Services

Acadecraft reviews and validates both published and unpublished educational content. Types of content review and validation services are discussed below.

Substantive Editing Copy Editing Services
SME Review

Our subject matter experts thoroughly review the unpublished content to check the content’s quality, accuracy, originality, and readability. They generate a detailed review report, based on which the clients can decide whether they want to publish, rework, or reject the project.

Content Editing Copyediting
Periodic Review

The published contents need to be reviewed after a particular time. Acadecraft’s periodic reviewers review the applicability and relevance of the content and prescribe changes if necessary. It helps the clients to identify the contents which need to be republished with modifications.

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Progressive Review

The academic content needs to be updated continuously to align with the current curriculum. Acadecraft’s progressive review services help the clients to keep track of all the changes in the curriculum and do the necessary modifications to upgrade the study materials. It is a continuous service.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services
Content Validation

The facts stated in the contents are repeatedly checked, verified, and validated. Our experts validate every element of the content, including facts, stats, figures, images, and alt texts. Our experts develop a validation report and deliver a validation rating to our clients based on the results obtained.

Our Clients

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Textbook Development Companies

The textbook developers often use our content review and validation services to review both published and yet-to-be-published textbooks. We also provide periodic and progressive reviews of already published books.

Publishing Copyediting

Educational Institutions

The educational institutions often review the existing textbooks. Acadecraft delivers accurate review services, which help them to decide the book to be included in the curriculum. Also, we help our clients to upgrade the study materials.

Business Media Magazines & Journals Copyediting services

eLearning Industry

Acadecraft offers content review and validation services for the online study materials and assessment contents to eLearning clients. We also conduct progressive checks to help them upgrade, modify, and change their content.

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How It Works?

The subject matter experts and curriculum researchers first connect with the clients to discuss their requirements. After receiving the document which needs to be reviewed, our subject matter experts first review the content, prepare a preliminary report, and then send the content to our senior experts. Our senior experts check the accuracy, readability, and originality of the content. After that, our fact-checkers review all the facts and stats used in the text. In the final step, our curriculum researchers study the content and check if it is following the curriculum properly. After completing all four stages, the experts cumulate all the reports and prepare a final content review and validation report delivered to our clients.

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