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Acadecraft delivers Learning Management Systems with multi-format support and customised features. We have zero hidden costs and provide maintenance and training services.
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Key Issues

Many schools and eLearning companies now look to digitise multiple functionalities like attendance calculation, assignment circulation and submission, and study material distribution. Hence, most K12 Educational Institutions in the UK want to implement an effective learning management system. But, many LMSs for the K12 level have some shortcomings. Most importantly, many LMS developers do not offer full-time operational support. So, the organisations need to develop their own IT team to handle and manage LMS operations, which increases their expenses.

In addition, many LMS developing companies hide the upgradation costs, cost of extra features, and many other hidden costs while dealing with the institutions. These hidden costs may create a financial burden to the clients at later stages. Also, many LMS systems have limitations in the type of files and software supported. Thus, educational organisations often fail to fully integrate all their operating software with the LMS, which decreases the LMS effectiveness.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has experienced software engineers who develop and customise the most effective LMS for K12. We design a complete catalogue to give the rates of all the upgrades and additional features, which helps our clients select the features and calculate the entire product’s actual cost. Hence, we don’t have any hidden charges. Even when adding new features to the product, we never force our existing clients to upgrade their systems. It is solely their decision to buy the new features.

In addition, we have an efficient service support system, and we offer full-time support to our clients. So, we provide installation, upgradation, and weekly and monthly testing and maintenance services to our clients. We even organise LMS operation training sessions for the faculties and students of the client organisation. The educational institutions can request us to add customised features to the LMS at an affordable rate. Moreover, even inbuilt LMS features are flexible enough to be modified by our clients.

Features and Benefits of our LMS for K12

The significant features and benefits of our Learning Management Systems are discussed below.

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Integrated LMS

Our learning management systems seamlessly integrate with the other learning software and web portals of our clients. We help our clients in the integration process during installation. After integration, our clients can perform all the operations using the LMS itself.

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Data and Performance Tracking

The clients can use our LMS to track the various data related to their learners like attendance, fees payments, courses enrolled, materials studied, and many more. Our clients can also use the LMS to track the daily performance and improvement rates of their learners.

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Automated Alerts and Notifications

Whenever the instructor uploads a new study material or schedules a test or assignment, all the concerned course or group members will receive automated notifications in their registered email. It will keep all the learners aware of the new updates.

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Centralised Learning Materials

Our clients can upload the study materials, lecture videos, and written instructions in a centralised file localisation. It reduces the workload of the client organisation, as they don’t have to upload the common materials to every learner’s profile individually.

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Flexible Features and Analytics

The various features of the Learning Management Systems are flexible and adjustable. Our experts modify the features to satisfy the needs of our clients. The clients can also modify the various analytical and statistical features as per their policies.

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Our LMS can effectively operate on a mobile device. The clients can use our mobile applications for this purpose. LMS apps support all the essential features, including attendance, study material upload and access, and assignment upload and submission.

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Multiple Assessment Support

The Learning Management Systems support multiple assessment modes, including projects, online quizzes, and written assignments. Our clients can also conduct online examinations through the customised examination gateway provided in the LMS.

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Auto-Scheduling Tools

Our clients can customise the LMS so that the tests and assignments will get auto-scheduled after completing a particular portion of the syllabus. The scoring and question paper designing processes can also be automated using LMS.

Our Clients

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Schools and K12 Institutions

The schools use our Learning Management Systems to automate many of the manual processes. It helps them to reduce the chances of errors. They can easily calculate the attendance rates, final scores, and other statistics of the learners using our LMS.

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eLearning Industry

The eLearning companies regularly use the LMS to monitor the progress of their courses. They can track the lessons completed and schedule automated tests accordingly. They can also track the fees payment status and collect fees online through our LMS.

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Tuition Centers

Our LMS helps the tuition centres to upload and distribute study materials and assignments in bulk quantities. They can also upload video lectures regularly to enhance the ease of learning. Our clients can conduct weekend tests remotely using LMS.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft connects with the clients to discuss the requirements, features, and prices of the products. After finalising the deal, our software engineers customise and add the required features to design the perfect LMS for our clients. Next, our experts connect with our clients to schedule the installation. After installation, training sessions are organised for our clients to train them about the various features of the LMS. We also develop a maintenance schedule according to the convenience of our clients.

Hence, we discuss, develop, customise, install, and maintain the most effective LMS for K12 organisations in the UK.

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