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Creating Interactive Practice Papers For Multiple Subjects And Grades

We are an eLearning company providing practice paper creation services to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Practice papers are commonly used to prepare learners for exams. They are compact, to-the-point, and subject-based. However, solving numerous practice papers before may be tedious and unfruitful. It is because clients use similar papers over and over. There is also a risk that learners may feel confident as they have been solving similar papers for a long time. But in reality, the questions are diverse and time-bound. So, clients must provide practice papers that are interactive, innovative, and unique.

Professional eLearning content developers are the best choice. However, many of them do not have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for every subject. Others lack academic writers and content creators. Also, many do not have the experience of handling large projects in multiple languages. Hence, clients must carefully choose their service partners. It must be an agency that has qualified specialists, experience, and delivers on time. Also, they must provide their services round the clock and worldwide in any desired format.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning service in the UK. We provide learning content to educational clients worldwide. So, we create materials for all educational levels, boards, and languages. Practice paper creation is one of our most trusted and popular services. Our SMEs and academic writers develop content for practice papers across all subjects of primary and secondary education. The content is always designed according to the client's curriculum needs, learning objects, language requirements, and pedagogy patterns. Our graphic designers and software experts include various images, graphics, and gamification elements. These enhance the interactivity of the practice sets.

Moreover, all our practice papers are validated by experts and carry solutions with them. We ensure a hundred per cent accuracy for every project. In addition, we provide the papers in both printable and digital formats. Digital formats include Word or PDFs that learners can print and solve. We also create test or practice panels in the client's LMS or application for learners to solve questions on the spot. We provide immediate feedback as well. To make learning fun, we include hyperlinks to videos that are both informative and interesting. Most importantly, we accommodate multiple reworks to ensure complete client satisfaction. Our team is available 24/7 and caters to clients worldwide.

Types of Practice Paper Creation Services

Acadecraft caters to all school education clients in the UK and worldwide. So, we provide various practice papers services that meet the client's learning goals and academic needs.

Substantive Editing Copy Editing Services
Objective Practice Papers

These comprise multiple-choice questions, true/false, matching, and filling the blanks. They are great young learners and practical subjects like math, science, design, and computers. We include pictures and graphics to make them interactive and attractive. We create them for all subjects and levels of primary and secondary education in the UK.

Content Editing Copyediting
Essay Practice Papers

We design practice sets that contain unique and thought-provoking essay questions. As there is no one correct answer for these questions, we include points in our solutions that the answer must include. We create these Practice papers primarily for social science and language subjects. Tee papers can be in any digital or printable format that the client requires.

Proofreading Copyediting services
Short-Answer Practice Papers

Acadecraft creates multilingual short answer practice sets for clients worldwide. We use accurate grammar and information in our papers so that clients can deliver them to the learners with ease. Also, our experts adhere to the curriculum and pedagogy patterns followed by the client's institute. We create them for all subjects taught in the schools in the UK.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services
Computational Practice Papers

These are online practice sets that include features like on-screen calculators and keyboards. They are easily integrated into clients LMS, learning websites, and applications. They assess the problem-solving, application, and memorisation abilities of learners. Our solutions are based on the key concepts and techniques taught in the course.

Our Clients

E learning Copy Editing Services


We create digital practice papers for our eLearning clients, providing early education in multiple subjects and educational levels. We create interactive, engaging, and accurate practice sets that are compatible across all devices, LMS, and reading applications.

Publishing Copyediting


Acadecraft creates multilingual practice papers for schools providing early education in the UK. We ensure that our gamified assignments and solutions enhance the understanding abilities of learners while adhering to all accessibility regulations.

Business Media Magazines & Journals Copyediting services


Acadecraft develops practice sets for academic publishers in the UK and worldwide. We create them in multiple formats and languages. Our experts handle large projects quickly and deliver accurate and valid content for all subjects and courses.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our experts collaborate to create some of the most interactive practice papers in the learning industry. As we provide our services to clients worldwide, we follow a proven workflow that enables us to deliver high-quality content on time.

First, we connect to the client and understand their requirements. Then, we assemble a team of SMEs, content creators, and designers for the project and suggest a quote. Once the client approves the pricing, we design a blueprint that previews the practice papers. Based on it, our experts create the content and edit it. Then, our designers integrate images, videos, and graphics, to make the content interactive. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy, accessibility, compatibility, and language.

Hence, we connect, understand, assemble, design, create, edit, integrate, review and deliver.

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