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We are an eLearning company providing question bank development services to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Question banks are top-rated among learners of all ages and course backgrounds. So, academic clients worldwide now use question banks to attract new customers to their study packages and classes. It has become a unique selling proposition for many educational institutes like coaching centres and eLearning platforms. However, most question banks are repetitive and inaccurate. They contain incorrect spellings, grammar and tend to divert from the syllabus. So, clients have now realized that they need more than a few in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and academic writers. As a result, they seek professional eLearning content developers for support.

However, one must carefully choose the service agency because many do not have certified SMEs for multiple subjects. Some are incapable of delivering in digital formats, which is a massive negative in the current age of digitization. Also, very few agencies can handle large projects and deliver on time. Hence, clients must ensure to connect with an agency that has experienced professionals who can provide worldwide.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a pioneer of the eLearning industry, so we provide trusted and reliable question banks to clients in the UK and worldwide. We have a qualified and experienced team of SMEs, academic writers, research analysts, multimedia experts, and software specialists. Together they produce interactive question banks for all subjects and courses. We also have proficient linguists who enable us to create content in multiple international and regional languages. Furthermore, we always focus on enhancing learner engagement and understanding through our question banks. So, we include images, videos, graphics, and more to make them interactive and resourceful. Instead of attempting one textual question after another, we incorporate picture and video-based questions as well. Also, our research analysts constantly analyze the trends and guidelines followed by the education industry of a region and create solutions accordingly.

Moreover, we provide these question banks in printable and multiple digital formals like EPUB, PDF, Word, and more. Clients can integrate them into their LMSs, mobile applications, social media pages, and websites. Our customer service team is available 24/7 and assists clients worldwide in multiple online and offline ways.

Types of Question bank Development Services

We create multiple types of question banks to meet clients' needs across different educational backgrounds and levels. Our question banks guarantee complete concept understanding, enhanced problem-solving skills, and enriched knowledge gain.

Substantive Editing Copy Editing Services
Objective Question Banks

We create question banks containing objective-type questions like multiple-choice questions, true/false, matching, and filling the blanks. We develop them for math, science, design, and computers, which are logical and to the point. Our experts include multimedia elements to attract primary and secondary education learners.

Content Editing Copyediting
Essay Question Banks

These question banks contain essay-based questions, comprehensions, passages, and the like. The questions test the learner's ability to understand and apple information and a creative manner. It also enhances their critical thinking abilities and writing skills. Clients mainly use them for subjects like English, History, Politics, and other descriptive concepts.

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Short-Answer Question Banks

Acadecraft creates multilingual short answer question banks. These are questions whose solutions can be delivered in two to three lines. It enhances the sentence framing, information organizing, and content delivery abilities of learners. They learn to express more in short sentences using the right words that can keep their answers concise.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services
Computational Question Banks

We create these question banks exclusively for our online education partners. They require learners to use computational features like on-screen calculators and keyboards. It helps learners to better prepare for their future entrance exams that are primarily in online formats. We design the question banks based on the syllabus followed by the client.

Our Clients

E learning Copy Editing Services


We create digital question banks for our eLearning clients, providing early education in multiple subjects and educational levels. They are interactive, engaging, accurate, and are compatible across all devices, LMSs, and learning applications.

Publishing Copyediting


We create multilingual question banks for schools providing early education in the UK. Our experts include gamified elements, picture-based questions, and more to enhance the interactivity and engagement of learners worldwide.

Business Media Magazines & Journals Copyediting services


Acadecraft develops question banks for academic publishers in the UK and worldwide. We create them in multiple formats and always adhere to the curriculum requirements. Our experts always deliver on time, irrespective of the project size.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we create question banks as per the client's syllabus patterns, teaching requirements, and learning objectives. We follow a proven workflow to guarantee the timely delivery of every project.

First, we connect to the client and understand their requirements. Then, we assemble a team of SMEs, content creators, and designers for the project and suggest a quote. Once the client approves the pricing, we design a blueprint that previews the question banks. Based on it, our SMEs and writers create the content. Then, our designers integrate images, videos, and graphics, to make the content interactive. Finally, our quality analysts review the question banks for accuracy, accessibility, compatibility, and language before delivery.

Hence, we connect, understand, assemble, design, create, integrate, review and deliver.

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