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Providing high-quality typesetting services for general and academic books using industry-standard software and trained professionals.

We offer trade-publisher quality book designs online for all our valued partners worldwide.
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Key Issues

The organisation, structure and visual appeal of a book is just as important as its content. A professionally designed book instils confidence in buyers. So, publishers today look for typesetting services that can accurately typeset a book with an attractive layout and structure. An efficient typesetting service will offer much more than font styles and margin specifications. They focus on the overall presentation of the content in a book.

Finding a typesetting service that can provide optimal services across different genres and themes of content and deliver it on time is challenging.

How can Acadecraft help?

As a leading typesetting service provider in the UK, Acadecraft's talented book designers and editors professionally typeset a book in a quick turnaround time. Our team can accurately typeset content related to academics like journals, manuals, textbooks, coursebooks, eBooks, documents, assessments, curriculums, catalogues, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, lesson plans and test banks. We assure to design the content in alignment with the theme and genre of the content. In this way, readers are not distracted by the design elements but are instead in harmony with it. Our experts are aware of the primary and secondary level of education and the pedagogy patterns practised in the UK, enabling them to deliver industry-standard typesetting services 24*7.

Types of Typesetting Services

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At Acadecraft, we have a keying service that allows us to copy and edit text from marked corrections and produce text files from hard copy content using Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR).

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Copy editing

As a leading typesetting service in the UK, we have a team of highly experienced copy editors who detect grammatical and spelling errors and edit syntax to enhance the flow. They assist the typesetting team to facilitate the proper layout of headings, diagrams, images, tables and references in the book.

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Acadecraft detects and incorporates all essential details of diagrams, images, and graphs in Alt-text to assure equal accessibility of content to all. Our SMEs create precise and meaningful Alt Texts describing all the visual elements for an easy understanding by the visually impaired.

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Proofing and Testing

Acadecraft also offers manual typesetting services that detect and fix any error related to font styles, image quality, misplaced images, typography, hyperlinking and formatting. Our manual typesetters also use technical help to reaffirm the content's accuracy and compatibility across devices.

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Book design

We design a high volume of academic books and novels with complicated layouts. Our in-house team of talented designers produce publish-ready books for a wide range of commercial use. We take care of simple page layouts to intricate cover designs, all under one roof. We design children's storybooks, scientific manuals, encyclopaedias, magazines and many other educational books.

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Acadecraft includes book indexing features as a part of its typesetting services if required. Our indexes are accurate and facilitate more straightforward navigation for the readers. In ebooks, our indexes provide hyperlinks to references passages that allow swift retrieval whenever required.

Our Clients

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We serve our eLearning clients with top quality typesetting services for their eBooks, PDFs, assessments, guides and other online reading material. We deliver interactive and attractive learning modules across multiple academic fields and educational levels. Depending on the client needs, we customise our colour schemes and font styles to best suit the users.

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We offer a range of typesetting services to schools and academic institutes catering to primary and secondary education in the UK. We typeset for every educational content type, from colourful and illustrative children books to descriptive concept-specific texts. We deliver these services for both online and offline platforms.

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Acadecraft delivers effective typesetting services to publishers that produce various academic material like manuals, textbooks, coursebooks, picturebooks, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and more. We offer traditional and modern typesetting features, depending on the target audience and the content genre.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our team of designers, editors and SMEs work together with the typesetting professionals to produce accurate and visually appealing academic content. First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then, we map the areas to be worked on and develop a blueprint. Based on the blueprint, our typesetting professionals design the content using the latest software tools and manual expertise. Finally, our quality analysts review the designs for the accuracy of the information, information flow, and visual appeal.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, develop, design, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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