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Impeccable certification course development solutions for customized requirements

Acadecraft is the leading service provider in the certification course development domain for clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Dealing with certification course development change is the biggest hurdle for clients. Furthermore, they require subject-specific knowledge and computational knowledge to develop interactive modules. Thus, when clients deploy an in-house team to accomplish this task, they receive low-quality solutions. Besides, they face challenges in developing short-term courses which demotivate young age learners. Hence, they avail of professional certification course development services from third-party service providers. However, most of the service providers lack technical writers, instructional designers or certified subject matter experts.

Thereby, these agencies put brand integrity at risk. Also, technology, budgets, and staffing are common issues cited in L&D professionals. Besides, adapting to new learning trends like online learning, microlearning modules, dialogue simulations, and gamification. But, clients’ in-house team lacks the technical expertise to curate such optimal solutions. Therefore, they outsource certified course development service providers to receive customized courses. Also, they have reputed industrial experts curating optimal solutions, ensuring higher ROI. Moreover, they are proficient in content creation, course technology and developing a blueprinted course.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

We, at Acadecraft, provide multilingual and high-quality certification course development services. Our platform is associated with UK companies and clients worldwide. Here, our experts develop interactive short-term, long-term and customized certification courses meeting global higher education requirements. Also, we leverage cutting-edge solutions to produce impeccable learning modules. Our design courses are aligned with WCAG 2.0 standards. Moreover, we develop modules with in-depth research and authoring tools to foster talent development. Our technical experts are available 24/7 to cater to the professional requirements of clients worldwide. Besides, we ensure higher ROI yielding positive business outcomes.

Types of Certification Course Development Services

Acadecraft fosters skill development with the following certification course development services. With us, clients receive customized course development solutions at affordable prices.

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Humanities certification

Acadecraft develops customized certification courses for fine arts, archaeology, history, geography, literature and languages. With us, clients receive humanities certification courses for higher classes and university curriculum. Moreover, our certification courses fit perfectly for training courses, workshops and events for doctoral and postgraduate learners. Our platform offers full-time and part-time certification courses development solutions to clients.

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Business certification

Acadecraft maximizes clients’ brand potential with high-quality business certification course development. We offer L&D solutions for business administration, corporate analytics, hospitality management and digital marketing certifications. Moreover, we improvise business learning by developing on-site and distance learning certification programs. Our certified subject matter experts are available 24/7 to develop these modules.

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Scientific certification

Acadecraft has a robust infrastructure and human resources to develop interactive scientific certification programs. Our platform develops engaging certification programs for space engineering, Chemistry, Biology and life sciences. Besides, our developed learning programs meet the global scientific curriculum standards. We enhance the practical learning and scientific development of learners and clients with engaging course modules.

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IT certification

Acadecraft has professional computer science experts developing globally renowned IT certification programs. Our experts develop high-quality modules for data science, big data, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and machine learning. Moreover, our professionally curated solutions help clients in the application, design, development, implementation, support or management of cloud- and computer-based information systems.

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Training certification

Today, skills count more value than a traditional university degree. Hence, Acadecraft offers affordable L&D solutions for advanced skill training certification programs. With us, clients receive training programs for education, sports, business, legal and management. Our curated solutions foster the professional development of learners and enhance clients’ brand integrity. All in all, we develop innovative training programs in multiple languages.

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Cosmetology certification

Acadecraft offers high-quality certification course development services in the cosmetology domain. Our platform delivers vocational course development, full-time program development and professional certification programs. Moreover, our experts curate online and traditional cosmetology programs in multiple languages. With us, clients receive certification programs in Course in CIDESCO, CIBTAC, OICB and other training programs.

Our Clients

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Schools and universities in the UK and worldwide avail of our certification course development services. Our tailor-made certification courses meet global education standards. Also, our multilingual solutions fit perfectly for global academic institutions.

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Our platform delivers customized eLearning certification course development services at affordable prices. Several Ed-Tech firms and online learning companies outsource our solutions to bridge remote learning gaps. With us, they receive full-time and part-time certification courses.

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Traditional and digital publishing houses worldwide rely on Acadecraft for certification program development. Our professional subject matter experts and instructional designers design valuable training programs.

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How It Works?

How It Works? At Acadecraft, our experts follow the efficient pedagogical methodology. With cutting-edge solutions and robust publication infrastructure, we follow this procedure to deliver certification course development services.

First, we initiate the development process by collaborating with clients. Next, our project managers design the blueprint aligning with clients’ requirements. Then, our developer team executes the blueprint and develops the certification courses. Finally, quality analysts examine the content and rectify all technical glitches to ensure accuracy. Hence, we collaborate, design, execute and examine before delivering projects.

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