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Restructuring And Rewriting Existing Content To Amplify Its Usability And Accessibility Through Our Content Transformation Services

We are a content management company delivering reputed content transformation services for all content types to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Content forms the basis of communication for all types of business and service delivery. Still, clients struggle to deliver optimal content. It is because most content creators cannot overcome the dilemma of scale. They need to provide more quality content to wider audiences in diverse languages on numerous platforms but at lesser costs and time.

So, clients seek to rely on professional content transformation service providers to restructure existing content and increase its accessibility. However, not all content transformation companies are capable of working with multiple languages and formats. Agencies lack experts who can transform all content types for better usability and discoverability. Many are unaware of the various software tools that can easily convert content into user-friendly formats. Hence, it is challenging to find a reputed content transformation service that handles all content types and delivers impactful services to customers 24/7.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a pioneer in the UK's content management industry, Acadecraft is adept at delivering customised content transformation services to all. We have the perfect amalgamation of human expertise and technology to transform multiple content types. Irrespective of the information topic, our research analysts and SMEs deliver accurate transformation services every time. They rethink, reorganise and rewrite existing content to make it more use-friendly and target-specific. Our experts convert content from In-Design, Word, Quark, and PDF into digital distribution formats like ePUB, Kindle, HTML, XHTML, XML and other custom formats. Experienced writers and editors review the content and repurpose it for maximum impact. We design flexible and configurable transformation modules to meet all content needs. Acadecraft delivers quick and affordable content transformation services in multiple languages while adhering to all client standards.

Types of Content Transformation Services

Acadecraft houses the best professional writers, editors and software developers who deliver various content transformation services to clients across all industry sectors.

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Content Acquisition

Acadecraft provides efficient content acquisition services to all our clients. We gather relevant content and metadata information related to any assigned topic from multiple networks, aggregators and sources. Our team uses OCR technology to access information and stores it in the system for easy access.

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Content Enrichment

Acadecraft has the expertise to tag and catalogue content using descriptive metadata. It provides better contextual information and increases the discoverability of the content. We identify the most suitable tags and integrate cross-linking to enrich content depending on the client's target audience and competition.

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Content Conversion

Acadecraft guarantees effective content conversions from any format like In-Design, Word, Quark, or PDF into digital distribution formats like ePUB, Kindle, HTML, XHTML, XML and others. We use the latest software tools and manual expertise to ensure the content is accessible across all devices and platforms.

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Editorial Systems

Acadecraft designs integrated workflow management and editorial systems. Using our editorial systems, multiple writers can work on the same document and transform it for maximum impact. It includes sheet planning functions, automated typesetting, rendering and composition features and supports multiple formats.

Our Clients

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We deliver prompt content transformation services to eLearning platforms, schools, colleges and universities worldwide. We enrich, categorise and convert different academic content for better accessibility and understanding. Our experts transform content related to any academic discipline and educational level.

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Acadecraft provides customised content transformation services to corporate industry clients. of the UK and worldwide. Our team handles legal, marketing, technical and other service-related content in multiple languages. We deliver our services as per the client requirements, target audience and accepted standards.

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Acadecarft offers various content transformation services to news and media houses. They use our services for effective content delivery and enhanced SEO ranking. Our transformation solutions improve the creation, usability, readability and distribution of content. We guarantee information acquisition from trusted sources only.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we provide high-quality content transformation services to clients from any industry sector. Our team handles large volumes of content in multiple languages and deliver on time.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then, we collect their existing content and design a blueprint listing all the services to deliver. Next, our team transforms the content for better accessibility and value. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy of language and information.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, collect, design, transform and review the content before delivery.

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