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Acadecraft is the global leading higher education service provider for valuable business partners
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Key Issues

Upgrading knowledge and curriculum are vital with changing learning trends. So, clients in the UK and worldwide align their learning modules with the latest learning trends. However, they require technical and manual expertise to integrate interactive features. They lack in developing courses according to web standards, learner requirements, and accessibility guidelines. Thus, clients avail of professional course uplift services from higher education companies to redesign the learning module.

However, most of the higher education service providers do not offer multilingual learning modules. Also, they provide ‘unresearched’ content with no media enriched content. Moreover, they lack certified content developers who design engaging animated videos. With fewer tools, tips, and techniques, clients do not receive customized learning solutions. Thereby, higher ROI and productive results go into vain despite tremendous L&D effort. Therefore, outsourcing reliable and certified course uplift services provider becomes essential for clients. With them, clients receive round-the-clock solutions, multilingual content with higher learner engagement. They ensure optimal results with high-quality content.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is the global leader in offering high-quality course uplift services in the UK and worldwide. Our content creators, subject matter experts, instructional designers, and technical writers provide optimal learning modules for different academic levels. Also, we integrated data-driven technology, Artificial Intelligence, and cutting-edge solutions to offer customized content. With us, clients receive media-enriched content with engaging simulations, scenarios, puzzles, and quizzes. We cater to the professional requirements of clients worldwide hailing from different verticals. At Acadecraft, our proficient experts carry technical expertise to deliver higher ROI and productive results. They are available 24/7 for clients’ assistance. Moreover, they deliver multilingual solutions.

Types of Course Uplift Services

Acadecraft is the global course uplift service provider delivering high-quality results. We offer satisfactory solutions with customized requirements of clients.

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Self-learning courses

Subject matter experts and instructional designers at Acadecraft upgrade self-learning courses. We enhance the learning engagement level with advanced self-learning courseware. Our experts transform monotonous modules with comprehensive exercises, interpretation, and interactive elements. Moreover, our experts transform tedious learning modules with accessibility guidelines and web-based elements. With customized LMS, learners and clients have an opportunity to track their learning progress.

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Mobile learning courses

Experts at Acadecraft articulate appropriate tools and resources to uplift mobile learning courses. We make most of the rapid authoring tools, software, and mobile applications to facilitate interactive learning. We transform traditional m-learning courses with multiple learning dimensions. Our experts elevate them-learning experience with micro-learning modules, gamification, and scenario-based learning. Moreover, we integrate time tracking systems and customized LMS to enhance them-learning power of clients.

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Distance learning courses

Acadecraft uplifts distance learning courses and online learning programs. Our experts evolve text based learning to video or scenario based learning. Moreover, we deliver storytelling, case studies, and real-life examples to upgrade remote learning courses. Besides, our platform is connecting with clients 24*7 to tackle technical glitches they encounter. Our platform incorporates practice questions with an auto-grading system saving evaluation time for clients. Also, we integrate notes, AR and VR solutions, and dialogue simulations to improve the quality of remote learning.

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Classroom learning courses

Acadecraft transforms the chalk and talks learning method. Professional experts deliver engaging whiteboard animation, blended learning, and virtual lab solutions. Also, we elevate the face-to-face learning experience by providing a risk-free educational environment. We eradicate the monotonous learning pattern with online transformation and qualified subject matter experts. Our proficient experts integrate Ed-Tech tools within the classroom. Also, our virtual engagement delivers an interactive attendance system and breakout sessions.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft is the valuable business partner of eLearning companies in the UK and worldwide. Here, we deliver affordable and round-the-clock course uplift services. We modify and upgrade elearning modules regularly.

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Schools and colleges in the UK are valuable business partners of Acadecraft. Our platform transforms the traditional educational content. Our platform delivers high-quality course uplift services to valuable business partners.

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Traditional and digital publishing houses count on Acadecraft for the valuable course uplift services. Our proficient experts transform traditional published content with accurate and appropriate learning materials. Our platform provides round-the-clock solutions to global clients.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we have qualified professionals delivering accurate course uplift services. Here, our certified content developers and SMEs follow a disciplined approach to offer research and accurate content. First, our project managers collaborate with clients to analyze project requirements. Next, our strategists research content and design the blueprint for accurate learning transformation. Then, our instructional designers and course developers execute the blueprint by transforming the content. Finally, quality analysts review and examine the content to ensure accuracy.

Hence, we collaborate, research, design, execute and review before delivering projects.

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