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Delivering Round-The-Clock Consultancy And Training Services For Learning And Development Initiatives Worldwide

We are an eLearning company providing effective consultancy and training services that guarantee commercial success to all valued partners.
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Key Issues

Rapid progress and globalization have intensified competition. So, businesses struggle to achieve optimum potential. The biggest asset of any business is its employees. Hence, companies look for ways to enable their workforce to perform at their best.

Professional learning consultancy and training services fuel employees with the right skills and knowledge. These agencies provide skills to turn employees into valuable assets. They also aid the personal growth and progress of employees. However, not all agencies can provide clients with appropriate and advanced solutions. Many do not have the required knowledge about the technical communication and behavioural aspects of work. As a result, they are unable to provide a variety of training programs. Similarly, some only deliver services in certain languages. Hence, finding an agency that provides quality consultancy and training programs is challenging. Especially for students and employees alike. Most agencies also do not provide round-the-clock services.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a reputed eLearning company in the UK, Acadecraft delivers numerous learning consultancy and training services. We create revenue models for launching eLearning platforms. Our experts train employees to develop their own e-learning modules and learning management systems. In addition, our team integrates standard software for eLearning courses. So clients can modify it themselves in future. Further, we have certified consultants who offer learning designs and project management advice. Acadecraft has in-depth knowledge and proven expertise to boost the potential of employees. In our learning consultancy services, we offer learning needs analysis, technology infrastructure review, talent development and talent rationalization services. It helps clients transform their learning function through impactful strategies, intelligent design and robust analytics. Our learning consultancy and training services satisfy all short and long term goals of the client. Moreover, we adhere to quality standards at all times. Acadecraft delivers quality services 24/7 and worldwide.

Our Services

Acadecraft provides a wide range of learning consultancy and training services. Hence, we work across all sectors like Technology, Hospitality, Retail, Education and Finance.

Our consultancy services include:

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Learning Needs Analysis

Our experts help clients analyse and understand the learning needs in the organisation. In other words, they identify capability gaps and list the required skills. We focus on the core developments that enable employees to grow and function with the company.

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Technology Infrastructure Review

Acadecraft reviews the current learning technology, software and systems of the client. In addition, we address data flow concerns and find opportunities for improvement. It helps clients not repeat similar mistakes and troubleshoot problems easily.

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Talent Development

The technical team at Acadecraft creates interactive coaching and learning models instead of competitive assessments. This ensures that learners can freely focus on developing their skills instead of worrying about results. We create behavioural projects too.

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Technology Rationalisation

Overlapping content and irresponsive LMSs are a big drawback of many training modules. So, Acadecraft designs personalised learning modules and dashboards for individual learners. It enhances user engagement and productivity. Our training services include:

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Technical Training

Acadecraft’s certified trainers design technical training programmes. It helps employees learn the latest professional software usage. We provide fresher training programmes, lateral training programmes and project-specific training.

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eLearning Training

Acadecraft provides training for eLearning companies and their employees. Our modules teach them to create enriching learning modules online. Moreover, it acquaints them with modern technologies required to design interactive eLearning courses.

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Soft Skill Training

Acadecraft’s soft skill training teaches code of conduct, teamwork, articulate thinking and decision making. By doing so, we shape employees into professionals. Our experts design training modules for college students, amateurs and leaders.

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College Training Programs

Acadecraft designs training courses for college and university students. Through these, they realise their abilities and use them to their advantage. So, our courses facilitate personality development and behavioural growth. Learners become more confident and competent.

Our Clients

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eLearning platforms in the UK and worldwide use our learning consultancy and training services. As a result, their employees learn new skills required to design interactive learning modules and platforms.

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Schools, colleges and universities rely on Acadecraft’s learning consultancy and training services for college training and career development. So, we design training modules for students across different disciplines and expertise.

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Acadecraft develops learning consultancy and training services for the successful implementation of software applications and business skills. Hence, corporate clients use them to help employees adapt to evolving technologies and work culture.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we provide customised learning consultancy and training services to clients across all industry sectors. Added to this, we guarantee 24/7 support and availability.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their needs. Next, we design a blueprint listing the different services to deliver. Thirdly, our team develops the consultancy and training solutions, which, our quality analysts finally review for accuracy.

Therefore, we collaborate, understand, design, develop and review our taxonomies before delivery.

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