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Acadecraft delivers expert-curated self-learning materials within deadlines. Our services include study material development, assessment paper development, flashcards, solution bank development, among others.
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Key Issues

As the demand for distance and online courses increases, the need for efficient self-learning materials also increases. The self-learning study material developers should design the contents carefully so that the readers can easily understand them. So, the education industry often searches for professional self-learning material developers to develop the study materials for their learners.

However, many study material developers write the content in highly technical languages. Such study materials are not appropriate for self-learning, as the fresh learners may not be familiar with the terms. Hence, it affects the business of the clients. Also, the client organisations follow a suitable curriculum for the courses, but the content developers often do not align with the curriculum, hence missing some vital information. It decreases the effectiveness of the contents.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has experienced SMEs who specialise in self-learning material development. They write the contents in an easy-to-understand language. Our experts strictly follow the instructions given by our clients and develop the content accordingly. Hence, our materials are according to the curriculum.

Also, we develop suitable assessment papers which are in line with the related study materials. These assessment papers can be topic-wise, chapter-wise, or section-wise. In addition, we also develop short revision materials, like flashcards and mind maps. Our clients can customise the layout of our content.

Our quality analysts thoroughly check the accuracy of the contents before delivering them to our clients. Hence, our services are affordable and are error-free. We provide the products according to our client’s timeline. We offer modification services to our clients, if required, after the delivery of the products.

Types of Self Learning Material Development Services

Substantive Editing Copy Editing Services
Self-Learning Study Modules

Our SMEs design the self-learning modules for more than 30 higher educational subjects. We develop chapter-wise and section-wise study materials as per the requirements of our clients. We customise the study materials as per the prescribed curriculum.

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Assessment Paper Development

The assessment papers contain unsolved questions for self-assessment. Our clients can attach them to the study materials or use them individually. We also develop topic-wise short assessments for each topic in a chapter.

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Online Quizzes

We develop self-assessing online quizzes for our clients. The clients can use these quizzes as online practice papers for their learners. The layout of the question papers is designed strictly as per the client’s instructions.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services

The flashcards contain a summary of the topics. They are scientifically designed to enhance memorisation. We also prepare subject-wise flashcard sets for our clients. It includes flashcards for all the topics included in the subject.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services
Question Banks

The question banks contain all types of questions that are possible from the given topics. The question banks may be solved or unsolved, as per the requirements of the clients. We deliver both online and offline question banks to our clients.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services
Solution Banks

The solution banks contain detailed explanations of the questions given by our clients. Our experts write the solutions in a comprehensive language. The solutions are hundred per cent error-free. The solution banks may include answer keys also.

Our Clients

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The Universities use our self-learning content development services to design appropriate content for remote and self-paced courses. We deliver the contents on time and offer a long-term commitment to our clients.

Publishing Copyediting

Distance Learning Institutions

The distance learning institutions use our services to design course materials, assessment materials, and revision materials for their learners. We offer both online and offline content as per the requirements of our clients.

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft offers online study materials, animated videos, explainer videos, online quizzes, and other content development services to the eLearning industry clients. Our online services follow the WCAG guidelines. We offer 24x7 support to our clients.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft connects with the clients to discuss the syllabus, layout, and style of the contents to be developed. Once we understand the requirements of our clients, our subject matter experts start developing the project. Our quality analysts check the contents’ quality, readability, authenticity, and accuracy when the products are complete. If we are satisfied with the quality of the products, we deliver the contents within deadlines. Our clients can review the content and request modifications if required.

Thus, we discuss, develop, check, modify, and deliver affordable and error-free self-learning materials to our clients.

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