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Developing Solution Manuals For Higher Education Subjects In the UK

We are an eLearning company providing solution manual development services to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Solution manuals are great tools to elevate learning experiences. It enhances the speed of learning and concept understanding. Educational clients worldwide use solution manuals in addition to course books to provide an edge to their learners. They help in competitive exams too. However, with every eLearning agency publishing them, their credibility and accuracy have declined. So, clients create them using their in-house tutors and academic experts, but that is time-consuming and cost-intensive. As a result, professional solution manual development services are the best choice.

However, clients must choose their service partners carefully because all eLearning companies do not have experience in developing accurate solution manuals. Many do not have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for every subject. Some lack certified academic writers and research analysts to create manuals having the latest information. A few agencies have linguists who can generate and localise the manuals in multiple languages. It is crucial for clients catering to an international audience.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a reputed eLearning company, we provide multiple academic content services to clients in the UK and worldwide. Our experienced SMEs, certified academic writers, content designers, and software experts create innovative solution manuals. We develop them for all higher education taught in the UK. To satisfy the needs of all clients, we develop the manuals in printed and digital formats like EPUB, PDF, RTF, or Word. Our software and multimedia experts coordinate with the SMEs to include colourful images, graphics, and videos that engage learners. In addition, our solution manuals online contain interactive indexes, embedded links, gamified assignments, high-resolution images, and GIFs. Clients easily integrate all our digital versions into their LMSs, mobile applications, and websites.

Moreover, our expert quality analysts ensure that the manuals are grammatically correct, have accurate information and meet all accessibility guidelines. Our academic experts review the authenticity and validity of the solutions. In subjects like Math, Science, and Computers, we provide multiple ways of solving a problem to enhance learner understanding and motivate them to create their unique methods. Also, our linguists create and localise the manuals in various languages. Most importantly, our customer service team is available 24/7 and serves clients worldwide.

Types Of Solution Manual Development Services

We create various solution manuals to meet the learning objectives and academic needs of clients worldwide. They are available in multiple languages and formats to ensure greater audience reach and ROI. Our manuals adhere to all international and regional quality standards.

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Subject-specific Manuals

We create multiple solution manuals, one each for every subject taught in a particular grade. It may be diverse subjects Science, History, Arts, or Music. Also, we include numerous interactive elements in both our printed and digital formats. Clients use them to provide extra information and a different perspective to their learners. Clients may use the service for all their subjects or a particular subject.

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Grade-specific Manuals

These solution manuals include all the subjects taught in a specific grade. One manual will consist of solutions for all the chapters taught in Math, Geography, Computers, English, and the like. It is learner-friendly as they can follow one manual for the entire year and save on space and budget. We organise them accurately to facilitate easy navigation. All our solutions are expert validated.

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Stream-specific Manuals

Here, we categorise the manual stream-wise. We group all the Social Science subjects in a single manual. It is the same with Science, Arts, and Languages. These manuals are beneficial for clients who have a lot of content to cover in a single year. Categorising the subjects decreases the information load and smoothens lesson delivery. Also, we create them in multiple languages and formats.

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Customised Solution Manuals

Sometimes clients require manuals that do not fall into any of the above categories. But there is no reason to worry because we provide customised services as well. Clients provide us with the questions for the different concepts, and our SMEs solve them accordingly. We ensure complete accuracy and always deliver on time. Our experts handle projects of all sizes and categories as long as it is academic.

Our Clients

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We provide solution manual development services to colleges, universities, and coaching institutes in the UK and worldwide. They use our multilingual solution manuals to guide their learners and implement impactful teaching-learning practices.

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For our eLearning clients, we create interactive and accessible digital solution manuals in any format they desire. We ensure that our manuals are compatible across all eLearning applications, websites, and Learning Management Systems.

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Academic publishers approach us for solution manual development services because we have SMEs for every subject and course. They are certified to create optimal solutions that experts in the different academic fields validate.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we focus on creating accurate solution manuals for every subject taught in the higher education grades in the UK and worldwide. So, we follow a collaborative workflow that allows our experts to apply their in-depth knowledge and information.

First, we connect with the client and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint of the solution manual and offer a quote. Once the client approves, we begin the development process. SMEs create the content, and academic writers remove the language, spelling, syntax and grammar errors. Then, our designers integrate the different interactive elements as required. In the case of digital versions, we convert them into various compatible formats. On the other hand, for printable formats, we typeset the printable manuals into attractive books. Finally, our quality analysts review the manuals before delivery.

Hence, we understand, design, create, edit, integrate, convert/typeset, review, and deliver.

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