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Tagging eLearning content for greater visibility on the digital space

Acadecraft is the leading higher education service provider offering tagging services to worldwide clients.
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Key Issues

There is an abundance of eLearning content available in the digital space. Thus, clients tag the in-house developed eLearning content to meet SEO parameters. But, without prior digital marketing and SEO knowledge, tagging is a challenging task. Thereby, they lack in developing technically correct tagging for the eLearning content. Also, clients sometimes utilize low-quality tagging resources, but they do not receive optimal solutions. Hence, they avail of professional tagging services. However, most service providers lack certified SEO experts, a digital marketing team, and multilingual experts.

Also, they do not have expertise in dealing with images or multi-media content. Companies run short of time, and low-quality service providers lack in meeting submission deadlines. Moreover, quality analysts are the primary factor in evaluating content’s accuracy. Low-quality service providers lack in recruiting such professionals. Thereby, clients receive solutions with technical glitches. Thus, certified tagging service providers are the best for flawless and technical accurate tagging solutions. They handle volumes of a project simultaneously, ensuring higher ROI and error-free services.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is the leading higher education service provider in the UK and worldwide. With us, clients receive high-quality tagging services for different business domains. Our professional team consists of software engineers, SEO executives, content development, and an IT team. Our professionals ensure productive results with higher engagement and accuracy. Also, they deliver researched content with thorough computational knowledge. Our curated tagging makes applications accessible, fostering a user-friendly experience.

Moreover, our customized tagging solutions make results search better for clients’ content. Our proficient experts offer scalable solutions and manage volumes of projects. At Acadecraft, our experts deliver higher tagging ROI and round-the-clock solutions.

Types of Tagging Services

Acadecraft transforms content into valuable digital assets. Carrying years of experience in this domain, we offer the following tagging services to clients worldwide.

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Metadata tagging

Acadecraft offers high-quality metadata tagging solutions at the best-quoted prices. Our proficient SEO team integrates impeccable Meta descriptions and titles to enhance digital visibility. Moreover, our team research and integrate primary and secondary keywords for better rankings. With our collaborative metadata tagging solutions, we maintain the balance between learning content and descriptions. Besides, our experts use subjective tags to accommodate context and tags for accurate description.

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Image tagging

At Acadecraft, we make images accessible by classifying and tagging images. SEO and IT team at Acadecraft accurately tag images in eLearning modules. Thereby, it allows clients to systemize and make searching for content easier for users worldwide. Also, it facilitates the L&D process of multilingual eLearning modules. Here, we have robust infrastructure and advance tools to incorporate image tags. We integrate tagging for different subjects and accessible screen-reading tools that describe images to visually impaired readers.

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SEO tagging

Acadecraft has a proficient SEO team with digital literacy. They integrate relevant keywords making the content accessible. Also, our SEO tagging services elevate the learning experience by making modules socially shareable. Moreover, our customized SEO tagging solutions ensure no data duplicity and redundancy. We offer 100% genuine tags for different project requirements. Our platform optimizes classroom-based courses to online MOOCs with appropriate tagging. All in all, we set benchmarks in digital visibility for online learning.

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LMS Tagging

Acadecraft turbocharges LMS (Learning Management System) with appropriate tagging services. Our solutions establish a relationship between content and user with accessible tags. Also, we integrate tags for several sophisticated LMS projects. Thereby, our experts develop engaging content ensuring high-quality results. We execute the latest learning trends and meet the professional requirements of clients worldwide. Moreover, we deliver multilingual tagging solutions for clients with customized project requirements.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft delivers high-quality tagging services to clients in the UK and worldwide. Our professional experts provide image tagging and metadata tagging solutions for MOOCs. Also, our technical team provides 24/7 assistance at the best-quoted price.

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Acadecraft tags classroom courses, eLearning modules, and teaching materials to facilitate paperless classrooms. English schools, learning centers, and prestigious universities count on Acadecraft for valuable tagging services.

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Digital publishing companies rely on our platform to avail themselves of high-quality tagging services. Our certified tagging experts facilitate the online learning experience. Moreover, we provide accessible learning modules turning traditional publishing content into valuable assets.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our professional experts provide high-quality tagging services with productive results. We cater to professional requirements for all academic sectors. Also, we follow a disciplined methodology for the best outcome.

Firstly, we connect with clients to analyze project requirements. Next, we receive input of source files from clients. Then, our tagging experts integrate relevant tags ensuring the content is accessible. Here, they integrate keywords and Meta descriptions, and titles for accuracy. Finally, quality analysts review and run a test session to rectify errors.

Hence, we connect, receive, integrate and review before delivering projects.

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