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Providing Carefully Planned And Implemented Adaptive Learning Services To Revolutionise Your Learning And Training Experience.

We are a leading eLearning service provider delivering integrated adaptive learning services to our valued clients.
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Key Issues

To expect that one course will meet all the needs of the learners and suit their learning styles is a far-fetched idea. Courses like these have resulted in increased dropouts and decreased passing rates. Many give up on learning and think it is not their strength at all. So, educational institutes and training centres are now looking towards adaptive learning as a solution. Here, technology is used to provide optimised and individualised learning modules to students based on data collected before and during the learning process.

An experienced adaptive learning service provider is mindful of the learner's various strengths and weaknesses and creates an interactive learning platform. However, as adaptive learning is a relatively new endeavour in the learning and development industry, most service providers lack manual and technological expertise. Finding an adaptive learning service that can deliver customised, informative and modern learning solutions to clients across all academic fields is challenging.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As an experienced eLearning service provider in the UK, Acadecraft is home to talented professionals who deliver unique adaptive learning solutions to clients across all industry sectors. Our SMEs, video editors, designers, writers, data analysts, UX/UI developers and quality analysts work together to craft interactive, adaptive learning courses for all academic disciplines and educational levels. We use learning experience platforms with built-in adaptive learning technology to integrate any user desired learning element. Our highly reliable AI algorithms allow us to create modules that guarantee enhanced user engagement and a responsive learning environment. We monitor the learners' progress and interactions and use the data to modify the learning delivery and difficulty levels over time. Our modules cut costs by eliminating classroom training and deliver high-quality courses integrated with ebooks, lecture videos, audiobooks, collaborative projects and other unique learning methods.

Benefits Of Adaptive Learning

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Individual Attention

Acadecraft's adaptive learning modules assure personalised feedback based on data collected by our sophisticated AI management systems. It takes individual learner needs into account and assigns tasks and modules accordingly. Instructors connect to individuals on a one-on-one basis, allowing learners to communicate and provide necessary feedback.

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The individualistic approach of adaptive learning by Acadecraft help users learn faster than they do in ordinary courses as they can avoid pre-learned content and focus on new and elevated modules. Learners do not waste any time looking for the best course or going through numerous video lectures before finding the most suitable one.

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Improved Learner Engagement

Acadecraft offers interactive, adaptive learning designs integrated with audio lectures, microvideos, animations, video lectures and other interesting learning features that guarantee increased user engagement and employee productivity.

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Individualised Learning Programmes

Acadecraft's learning experience platforms collect essential user data as the learning progresses. It helps us create customised learning goals, assessments and content for every learner. We regulate the pace and pattern of learning according to the learner's retention capacity and track their performances to scale their progress and learning abilities.

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Collaborative learning

Acadecraft's adaptive learning modules facilitate easy learning among a group of learners belonging to different levels of education or learning standards, as each will have its own customised programme to follow. We tailor our services for all t beginners, intermediate and advanced learners accordingly.

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Focused Remediation

Acadecraft's modern and responsive adaptive learning systems help designers direct the learners towards lessons that help them overcome their weaknesses. It prevents them from going through mundane content they have already mastered and provides effective remediation.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft serves clients who provide educational content in the UK through eLearning institutes, schools, colleges, universities, training institutes and online academic publishing. We provide innovative adaptive learning services to enhance learner engagement, user understanding and academic results. Our modules cater to all academic disciplines and educational levels.

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Acadecraft designs training modules and public campaigns for employees and audiences of the healthcare industry. We help deliver detailed healthcare information through engaging and responsive adaptive learning techniques. Users can take their own time and choose from different types of content to learn and grow.

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We develop adaptive employee training, product demos, marketing schemes, and other industry-related learning modules for the corporate industry in the UK. Our learning solutions guarantee easier retention, better visibility and enhanced employee productivity. Our designers are familiar with all technical terms and advancements related to the industry and integrate updated content into the modules.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we strive to provide individualised adaptive learning solutions to elevate the learning and training experience for all. We deliver our services worldwide and 24*7.

First, we collaborate with our client to understand their learning objectives. Then we determine the best-suited platform for content delivery and design a responsive and accessible adaptive learning course. Finally, our quality analysts review our course for accuracy of content, accessibility and personalisation.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, determine, design, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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