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We are dedicated to providing immersive and productive distance learning solutions to all our valued clients.
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Key Issues

The internet has opened new doors for learning. Travelling long distances to schools and training institutes is no more necessary as distance learning is now a widely accepted learning mode. Organisations can now impart education and corporate training across all levels and fields from one common centre to all parts of the globe. With distance comes diversity in w the form of language, course structure, learning pattern, legal standards and business objectives. Clients struggle to find experts who can deliver learning solutions overcoming all differences. Distance learning courses must be designed in an easily accessible, innovative and engaging way so that learners from all backgrounds and locations can benefit from them. Professional content developers must know to produce interactive modules customised to suit the client's curriculum needs and business goals. Engaging content like video clips, audio instructions, illustrations, graphics and charts increases user engagement, learner participation and productivity.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's expert content developers create interactive distance learning modules for various academic disciplines and work domains. They are well-versed with all the latest software developments and design content that promotes group discussions among learners to increase interactivity. The content includes audio-visual and graphical elements that attract and engage learners and facilitate easy understanding. Our modules incorporate video lectures, screencasts, tutorials, simulations and anything more that the customer needs. The distance learning solutions and training modules are customised to fit the target audience's learning standards and proficiency. They assure maximum knowledge-delivery and productivity at reasonable rates and designed to meet the goals of the organisation. Our virtual learning content mirrors the on-site experience and often deliver more finesse than that. The SMEs have in-depth knowledge and understanding of working with multiple concept ideas, work domains and academic disciplines and create high-quality instructional material that ensures improved productivity and learning. Our services are deliverable 24*7 and worldwide.

Types Of Distance Learning

Acadecraft offers various types of learning modules that elevate the experience of learning from a distance. Our modules are incorporated with high quality audio-visual, graphical and simulation elements that help deliver the best distance learning solutions for all concept fields and work domains. Some of the types of services we provide are

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Video Conferencing

Acadecraft develops video conferencing facilities that allow smooth communication between instructors and learners across long distances. Our technical experts ensure high video and audio quality and our SMEs and editors incorporate textual and graphical elements whenever needed. The modules are highly interactive and guarantee higher learner engagement and productivity. Students can also clear doubts and discuss over the internet.

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Synchronous and Asynchronous Modules

Acadecraft provides synchronous distance learning solutions online through live communication or teleconferencing. Our experts also deliver asynchronous distance learning with weekly deadlines. The content is flexible and designed as per the learning outcomes and curriculum standards required by the client. We design synchronous and asynchronous learning modules for businesses and education across multiple domains.

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Open Schedule Online Courses

Acadecraft's open schedule online courses are designed to allow learners to learn in their own pace within a set of deadlines where they can finish their tasks and consume the training material. Our modules are flexible and interactive, which perfectly suit learners who wish to work or learn independently. The modules adhere to all specific guidelines and standards prescribed by the client.

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Hybrid Distance Education

Here, the courses include both synchronous and asynchronous learning elements. Acadecraft designs balanced content for hybrid distance learning so that students can flexibly learn in whatever way they wish to. They learn at their own pace and finish their tasks and assignments within a loose deadline.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides distance learning services to E-learning companies that deliver immersive and interactive learning content to their clients. Our modules abide by the learning objectives and curriculum standards prescribed by our client. We provide learning services for E-learning modules across a wide range of concepts, topics and study disciplines.

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Educational Institutes

Schools, universities, university colleges, higher education institutes and other education institutes rely on Acadecraft to deliver innovative distance learning services for their E-learning content. Our services are available for all education levels and academic disciplines, considering the client's curriculum needs and topic specifications. We also provide for all types of training institutions through digital media in real-time as well as recordings.

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Acadecraft delivers engaging distance learning modules to enhance learner engagement and productivity. They help organisations meet their production requirements and business goals through interactive and problem-solving challenges. The modules can cater to practical customer dealings, product presentations and skill development. Our services can help various industrial training hubs and corporates.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our workflow ensures that learners find effective distance learning solutions, better concepts and in-depth knowledge to ace their curriculum.

First, we collaborate with the clients and understand their requirements. Next, we document the required efforts and design the blueprint according to the target audience and learning goals. We develop relevant distance learning content, and finally, our quality analysts and editors review the content for accuracy of information and language.

Hence, in our seven-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, document, design, develop, review and deliver.

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