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Converting, Storing And Creating Content In Various Digital Formats For Easy Access, Retrieval And Use.

We are a technology-driven content management agency providing impactful EDM services to our valued partners worldwide.
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Key Issues

We are in the golden age of technology. So, if businesses are still stuck in the paper world, it is time they catch up. Companies often tackle a lot of technical and operational issues while converting into a digital platform. Hence, they seek professional services that would do that for them.

Professional EDM services help companies create, store and convert their information digitally. It is done for better access, control, retrieval and usage of information. However, choosing the best EDM service is challenging. Because not all services work with all information types and formats. Some work with printed documents but not with hand-written ones.

On the other hand, some agencies work with different file types but convert them into specific digital formats only. Besides, very few agencies have the expertise to handle large volumes of content in multiple languages. Therefore, finding a professional EDM service provider that can deliver quality services on time is strategic.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

We are a technology-driven content management agency. So, we deliver quality EDM services to clients in the UK and worldwide. To do that, we have technology experts, software developers and research analysts. They are backed by in-depth knowledge and industry experience. We optimise word files, PDFs, Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides, emails, and more. Our services ensure the latest version of documents, regular updates and on-time delivery. Clients receive enhanced control and security, consistent information, integrated usage, in-built compliances, reliable backup and easy retrieval at affordable rates. Our Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) ensure timely generation, filing and destruction of records.

Further, we have linguists who handle information in multiple languages. Irrespective of the size of the content, we deliver on-time across borders. Our clientele is diverse, and so is our expertise. Therefore, we customise our EDM services as per client requirements.

Types Of EDM Services

The wide range of professionals in Acadecraft allows us to provide various EDM services. They easily serve clients across all industry sectors. Moreover, we deliver everything from simple paper digitisation and storage to advanced document automation and device integration.

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Automated Content Capture

Our EDM services transform paper documents into digital files using OCR technology. We store them in digital formats that are accessible across mobile devices, laptops and desktop. The data capture tools used automatically enhance the imported files. In other words, they classify the content, enter it into the database and edit images for clarity.

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Collaboration Tools

We develop EDMS that can modify documents for easy collaboration among the workforce. Various markup tools like annotations, highlight, stamps, redaction options for sensitive information are integrated. They provide searchable context for easy retrieval and sharing of files from the metadata.

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File Indexing & Classification

We provide this service to organise all the company information into a central repository. It organises all the files in folders for easy access and usage. Our system also provides additional information like creation date, file type, size and more. Clients can filter the information according to their needs.

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Security & Audit Trails

Acadecraft’s EDM services ensure the complete security of content. Depending on the employee designation, they can only access documents required for their role. So, it assures that information is in the right hands. For ongoing regulatory enforcement, our audit trails monitor information access and use.

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Document Metadata

We create EDMS that record all critical information about document usage. Our metadata keeps track of creation dates, review and approval statuses, last modification dates and more. If required, Acadecraft also includes language segregation. It allows clients to access information on a regional basis easily.

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Version Control

EDM services from Acadecraft include tools for technical control of data. Clients can control content using audit trails, backups, and security tools. It helps them meet the ever-changing compliance requirements. Added to this, workflows and document lifecycle management also help in compliance regulation.

Our Clients

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We offer expert EDM solutions to corporate clients in the UK and worldwide. Whether a startup or a highly established company, we have services for all. So, corporations rely on us for secure creation, storage and conversion of information.

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Schools, colleges, universities and eLEarning platforms harbour a huge amount of information. This data is diverse and essential. Hence, Acadecraft organises and manages the content on digital platforms. It allows easy access to learners worldwide.

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Government and non-governmental offices are known to house legal, demographic and other critical data. Many still operate in the paper world. So, we provide secure and timely EDM services for an effective working experience using digital platforms.

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How it works?

The collaborative workflow at Acadecraft guarantees on-time delivery of EDM solutions to all. Also, our services are aligned with client needs and business objectives.

To achieve that, we first collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Next, we assess the existing condition of the content and design a blueprint of the required services. Then, our team develops the EDMS, which is integrated with the necessary features. Finally, our quality analysts review the content before delivery.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, assess, design, develop and review before delivery.

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