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Creating Imaginative And Immersive Learner-Centric eLearning Course Designs That Exceed Client Expectations

We are a professional eLearning content development company delivering engaging and impactful course designs to our valued partners.
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Key Issues

E-Learning is an emerging industry that has transformed the ways of learning for many. Clients from all industry domains rely on eLearning to deliver impactful and engaging academic content, training modules and information of all kinds. Due to the internet boom and rapid technological development, today, there are multiple eLearning platforms and services worldwide. However, no matter how attractively they present these eLearning modules, the real deciding factor for its success is the course content.

Most eLearning services are unable to deliver optimal courses for one of the many reasons. Some lack the subject matter experts (SMEs) and writers to research and create interactive courses for all subjects effectively. Some do not have a development team capable enough to handle large volumes of information and design courses in multiple languages. So, clients with highly responsive eLearning platforms also lose customers as the lessons are not engaging enough.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a reputed eLearning content developer, Acadecraft designs exceptional eLearning courses using the latest software and multimedia tools. Our highly qualified SMEs develop interactive learner-centric courses following in-depth research and a well-defined process. They create academic courses, training content and corporate development solutions. It helps clients progress towards their business goals, fulfil their learning objectives and deliver a unique learning experience to their customers. They handle complex learning objectives for clients and design innovative eLearning courses that challenge traditional learning methods. The tailor-made eLearning course designs guarantee blended learning modules for enhanced user engagement, retention, understanding and productivity. The courses motivate learners to know more about complicated topics that they otherwise struggle to understand. Acadecraft ensures that clients get access to courses across different subjects and educational levels at an attractive price. Our various off-the-shelf eLearning course design services are available 24/7, worldwide.

Types Of eLearning Course Designs

Acadecraft provides eLearning course designs in multiple formats and languages for clients across all UK industry sectors. Our team abides by the client's curriculum requirements, learning objectives, business goals and accessibility standards.

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AR & VR eLearning Courses

Acadecraft produces innovative augmented and virtual reality learning courses for various academic disciplines and training programmes. Learners interact with different practical situations and concepts in a digital replica of the real world.

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Gamified eLearning Courses

Acadecraft's leading experts develop numerous game-based eLearning courses where users can learn many complicated concepts and practical skills. Our courses allow learners to enjoy the process, track their progress and earn rewards for every achievement.

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Corporate eLearning Courses

Acadecraft understands the various learning challenges in the corporate world and works to surpass them. Our corporate eLearning courses allow peer-to-peer and social learning through interactive modules that guarantee enhanced productivity.

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Simulation eLearning Courses

Acadecraft's immersive simulation-based learning courses include multiple interlinked scenarios where users learn various life skills in a safe environment. We design simulation courses for activities like welding, scientific experiments, driving, firefighting and more.

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Audio-visual eLearning Courses

Acadecraft has content creators who deliver microvideos, animated videos, video lectures, how-to videos, online tutorials, VILT, audiobooks, audio clips, and other audio-visual eLearning content. Our courses are available for all subjects, academic disciplines and languages.

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Mobile eLearning Courses

Realising the popularity of mobile learning, Acadecraft designs mobile-friendly eLearning courses for various academic disciplines and training programmes. The modules are highly responsive and compatible across all mobile devices, both android and iPhones.

Our Clients

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We offer our eLearning courses to eLearning platforms, schools, colleges and universities in the UK and worldwide. Our experts design the courses in alignment with the curriculum, learning objectives and pedagogy patterns.

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Acadecraft provides eLearning courses for various training programmes, technological modules, product demonstrations, employee training and more. We deliver customised courses to facilitate easy understanding, meet business goals and enhance employee productivity.

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Acadecraft assists publishers who create, produce and distribute eLearning courses to their customers. We offer our services in multiple languages, across all subjects and concept fields. Our courses include reading material, audio information and video content.

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How it works

At Acadecraft, our experts strive to create modern digital eLearning courses for clients across all industry sectors. Our modules guarantee user engagement, increased ROI and interactivity.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint of the course, depending on the client's learning objectives and business goals. Then, our SMEs and writers create the course content which, our quality analysts finally review for accuracy of information.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, design, create and review before delivering the eLearning course designs.

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