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Providing tailored and highly-effective technology solutions to improve customer loyalty, increase revenue, and streamline business processes.

We are a technology management company that offers reliable and timely technical support to all of our valued partners worldwide.
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Key Issues

People acknowledge that technological advancements have a significant effect on business strategies and product consumption. Rapid technological advancements have raised consumer and employee standards. Clients look for technology that can improve customer service, employee engagement, and revenue. Many businesses create in-house IT teams, but these specialists are only qualified in a few domains.

As a result, clients tend to outsource technological solutions. It proves to be a one-stop solution for all technical problems, in addition to being a cost-effective alternative. However, most service providers lack the expertise to manage a wide range of service requests. Some companies lack the language skills needed to serve international clients. Others lack the software resources needed to produce the best performance. Many only work with clients from a specific industry. As a result, identifying a technology solution provider capable of delivering high-quality services in all time zones is challenging.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading technology management firm in the United Kingdom that specialises in designing cutting-edge technology solutions. We plan, develop, implement and maintain new and innovative technologies for clients worldwide. Our solutions include custom software development, technology assistance, cloud services, voice interfaces, and more. Acaderaft's in-house technologists assist clients with project management, customer engagement, and sound investment decisions. Our services help clients improve company efficiency, control costs, develop stable and compliant systems, modernise software, optimise operations, and mitigate risk. We provide high-quality services on time thanks to our talented professionals, tech resources, and years of industry experience. Our team develops solutions, tests the existing technology of clients and manage projects. We deliver tailored and cost-effective multilingual solutions 24/7 to clients across all industry verticals.

Types Of Technology Solutions

Acadecraft's skilled practitioners deliver a variety of technology solutions to meet clients needs. We serve clients from all industry verticals worldwide.

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Software Delivery

Acadecraft delivers optimal and updated software technologies for various technical problems. Our developers keep themselves updated with all the latest technological advancements to provide modern software solutions.

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Data & Analytics

Clients use our Data & Analytics techniques to obtain crucial insights about their business. We provide data analysis reports to clients directly or train their employees in the skills they need.

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App Development

We design mobile applications accessible from android and iPhone devices. Our applications reflect the demands of the client. Depending on the target audience and type of business, we design a variety of applications.

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IT Strategy

Acadecraft's expert IT professionals provide the necessary IT support to clients worldwide. We integrate IT capabilities into business processes. We offer troubleshooting programmes for hardware and software.

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Platform Services

Acadecraft offers platform services to customers across all industries. Learning Management Systems, blogs, landing pages, and more are some services we offer. Our websites are highly interactive and responsive.

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Cyber Security

Out IT professionals provide specialised cybersecurity services. We offer perimeter security, security testing and intranet security. Acadecraft develops firewalls, anti-spam software and spam protection.

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Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing platforms allow clients to work collaboratively and deliver results on time. Employees can work from afar to keep things running smoothly even if there is a power outage.

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Boost Sales

Acadecraft boost client's sales by implementing powerful platforms that help them remain competitive. We provide reliable customer relationship management, website development and marketing automation.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft has the expertise to provide unique technology solutions to eLearning sites, schools and higher educational institutes. We develop LMS, eLearning app, platforms. This allows the seamless delivery of courses across all academic disciplines and languages.

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Acadecraft provides corporate sector clients with workforce training, consultancy, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and other technical solutions. We ensure to improve customer interaction, revenue, and employee engagement through our services.

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Health & Finance

Acadecraft offers various technology solutions to clients from the health and finance industry. Via shared work experience, our cloud infrastructure and data analysis tools assist them in planning their investments and staying updated with all industry developments.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we deliver tailor-made technology solutions on time to clients in the UK and worldwide.

We begin by collaborating with the client and learning about their problems. Then, for each situation, we create a blueprint with solutions. Our technologists then design solutions to suit the clients' needs, which our quality analysts then review for accuracy.

Hence, we collaborate, create, design and review our solutions before delivery.

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