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Providing Modern And Updated Technological Assistance To Businesses Through Customised LMS/LCMS Services For Innovative Learning.

We are a technologically-driven eLearning company delivering innovative and responsive LMS/LCMS services to valued partners worldwide.
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Key Issues

The learning industry is going through rapid technological development and evolution. Clients worldwide are looking for ways to keep their services updated to give their customers the best learning experience. Having in-house experts for continued technical assistance may prove to be an unnecessary investment in the long run so, companies rely on service providers instead.

However, finding an eLearning company that delivers focused technical support by customising LMS and CMS for clients belonging to all industry sectors is challenging. Many agencies lack the technological expertise and provide outdated services, while others cater to particular clients only. A professional LMS/LCMS service provider must house efficient software developers who can handle large volumes of information, integrate numerous features and accommodate multiple changes. They must communicate with the client throughout the development process and assure 24/7 availability across all time zones.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a reputed eLearning company in the UK, Acadecraft houses the best and most experienced software developers in the industry. They work together with IT experts, platform developers and designers to create interactive LMS and LCMS for various subject needs. We customise our learning management systems according to client needs. Companies using our management systems can create, host and manage their eLearning content. They can track their learners' progress using SCORM, AICC and xAPI. Clients can store and reuse learning modules, swap between multiple themes, build image and video libraries, integrate collaboration and feedback features to enhance teamwork and switch between languages. Our experts design management systems suited for all content types and educational levels. We ensure that clients can host modules that include audio, video, text and simulation elements. Acadecraft is open to numerous modifications and is in continuous communication with the client throughout the development process. We deliver to clients worldwide and 24/7.

Types of LMS/LCMS Services

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LMS services

Acadecraft provides LMS services to clients who deliver a lot of traditional learning content online. They can create blended learning pathways and host the content outsourced or created using a separate authoring tool. Our LMS services allow basic usage tracking using SCORM. Learners build their central profiles to access all modules and chapters.

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LCMS services

Companies that wish to create, host, and manage their eLearning content and track their learners using SCORM, AICC and xAPI use Acadecraft's LCMS services. Our LCMS allows clients to keep track of the time spent by a learner in a module, the devices they used, the pages they visited most, and how they solved specific questions. A secure log-in is enough to access all the modules; no profile required.

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Integrated LMS and LCMS

Acadecraft delivers integrated LMS and LCMS services to clients who provide a mix of learning methods. They want their users to have a central profile but do not want to compromise on the analytics and tracking. It is beneficial for clients who create their learning content using authoring tools but want to track using xAPI. Our experts tweak the features of both LMS and LCMS to build the most suitable management systems.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides a range of LMS and LCMS services to eLearning platforms that create and deliver eLearning content for various information genres. Our management systems guarantee easy transitions between languages and are highly responsive. We guarantee and enhanced audience reach and accessibility.

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Schools, colleges and universities use our LMS and LCMS services to develop interactive and inclusive learning management systems for their various eLearning courses. We ensure the smooth delivery of content in the form of audio, video and text. Clients can store content in cloud space and track their learner progress easily.

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Acadecraft creates innovative LMS and LCMS for publishing industry clients. They use our services to customize their academic, training and skill development modules customised to meet every user's needs. Our management systems provide remote learning and branding opportunities to clients for global expansion.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we work to deliver impactful and responsive management systems to clients in the UK and worldwide for the smooth delivery of eLearning services across all concept fields.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their eLearning requirements. Depending availability of content and learning field, we decide on the type of service. We then design a blueprint to accommodate all the client needs. Our team then creates the LMS or LCMS, which our quality analysts finally review for accessibility and functionality.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, decide, design, create and review the management system before delivery.

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