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Delivering Customised And Accessible Microlearning Services For Targeted Learning Outcomes To Clients Worldwide

We are a reputed eLearning company providing scalable microlearning solutions for enhanced ROI and understanding to our valued partners.
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Key Issues

Today’s dynamic generation do not favour taking time off work to attend training events or sitting through long monotonous lectures online. Learners prefer easily accessible to-the-point modules that can address their problems instantly. So, clients worldwide are turning towards microlearning solutions to deal with specific work-related issues or academic concepts.

Finding a professional microlearning company that can deliver a wide range of services to clients across all industry sectors is challenging. A reputed microlearning service provider must design compact and agile modules that learners can access on the go. It should effectively utilise the various microlearning technologies and deliver targeted solutions to fulfil the client’s learning objectives. However, most service providers fail to do that. Their learning modules are not comprehensive and do not include relevant content. They lack experts who can create scalable microlearning content for all academic disciplines and training fields. Clients lose money and precious time by engaging with inexperienced agencies that lack skilled experts and technology.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a reputed eLearning company in the UK, Acadecraft is known for delivering a wide range of microlearning services to clients worldwide. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), platform developers, research analysts, content writers, and software experts work together to provide microlearning solutions for various educational concepts and work areas. We design quick, flexible, easily updatable and scalable microlearning solutions to meet client’s business goals. We aim to save time and money for our clients by providing targeted learning modules. The team designs microlearning solutions that are compatible with all devices so that learners can access them whenever they need them. We ensure that our microlearning modules increase learner engagement and enhance employee productivity through videos, quizzes, animations, gamification and other interactive elements. Our short, reusable and to-the-point solutions help learners focus on the problem directly, facilitating easier retention. We incorporate peer learning, spaced repetition, and just-in-time training features into our microlearning modules for better impact. Our microlearning services are client-specific and deliverable in multiple languages across all time zones.

Types Of Microlearning Services

Acadecraft provides a range of microlearning services to ensure easy retention and engagement of learners for various concept fields.

rapid e-learning services in USA
Microlearning LMS

Acadecraft designs interactive Learning Management Systems (LMS) for clients across all industry sectors. Our LMSs are perfectly caple of hosting, sharing and tracking microlearning modules. We develop these systems as per the client needs, business goals and learning objectives. The team designs SCORM or xAPI conformant LMSs so that clients can deliver microlearning modules using the latest techniques and keep track of learner progress in detail. Our LMSs allow clients to curate adaptive microlearning solutions targeted to meet individual learner objectives.

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Instructional Design

Professional instructional designers of Acadecraft develops interactive bite-sized learning modules for all concept fields. They conduct extensive research to determine the best-suited approach to create an impactful micro-learning experience. Our instructional designers create unique microlearning modules depending on the target audience, their language requirements and interactions. Using our designs, clients can provide all the required information to their users whenever they need it. We ensure engaging and productive learning outcomes in a short time for our clients worldwide.

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Microlearning Modules

Acadecraft creates custom elearning content for microlearning modules that focus on providing quick and compact learning solutions. We incorporate interactive videos, pdfs, infographics, explainer videos, animations, whiteboard animations and AR & VR elements into our modules. Our microlearning courses may be instructive or descriptive, depending on the pedagogy patterns followed by the client. We design training programmes that learners can access using any device or browser and share with others easily. The team includes experienced SMEs who create content for all academic disciplines and work domains.

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Mobile-friendly Microlearning

Acadecraft designs mobile-friendly microlearning platforms for different educational subjects and training programmes. Our programmers use a multitude of software tools and program languages to create custom mobile microlearning services. We design iOS and Android microlearning applications, mobile compatible websites, LMS platforms and content. Clients use our mobile-friendly microlearning services to deliver short learning modules with targeted information about specific topics and products. Users access these services from anywhere, anytime.

Our Clients

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E-Learning platforms in the UK and worldwide use our microlearning services to deliver a smooth and engaging learning experience to their customers. Our services help learners develop new skills, learn new concepts, interact with fellow learners, and review their learnings through interactive assessments.

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Schools, colleges and universities rely on Acadecraft’s wide range of microlearning services for effective delivery of learning content to their remote learners. We have experts who have in-depth knowledge about all academic disciplines and educational levels. Our modules are available in many languages and abide by all the client requirements.

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Acadecraft creates interactive microlearning services for successful training and implementation of software applications, business changes and skills. Clients use our modules to help employees effectively adapt to evolving technologies and work culture. Our focused microlearning modules ensure increased employee engagement and ROI.

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How it works

Acadecraft delivers professional and reliable microlearning services to clients across all industry verticals. Our services guarantee an increased understanding and retention of various concept fields.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then, we collect the content and filter all the relevant information. Based on the teaching method and technical resources available with the client, our developers design the services. Finally, our quality analysts review the services for accuracy of information and accessibility.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, collect, filter, design and review the microlearning services before delivery.

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