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Creating SCORM Compatible Courses For Hassle-Free Hosting, Sharing And Tracking Of eLearning Modules In All LMSs

We are a leading eLearning content developer delivering professional SCORM solutions to our valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Many eLearning companies create customised content for various subjects, academic fields and training modules. However, if their customers cannot access the courses in the desired format, all efforts get wasted. Most customers have Learning Management Systems (LMSs) that support SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004. So, businesses look for agencies that can deliver SCORM conformed eLearning courses that their LMSs can play, distribute and track.

However, finding an agency that can create SCORM conformed content for all relevant courses, subjects and learning domains is challenging. Some agencies lack the authoring tools required to develop such content, while others lack experienced software developers who can effectively use those tools. Furthermore, some service providers can only create SCORM conformed eLearning solutions for a limited number of LMSs. Most teams also lack multiple language experts, which restrict them from creating accessible content for all and are not equipped to provide round-the-clock client support.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a reputed eLearning service provider in the UK known to deliver high-quality SCORM conformed learning solutions to clients across all industry sectors. With our SCORM solutions, clients can use their LMSs to manage all learning solutions in one place and receive automatic updates and compliances for their modules. We have highly skilled software developers who ensure that our content is compatible across all SCORM supported LMSs. Our team of SMEs, video producers, content writers and quality analysts create engaging and interactive learning material or Sharable Content Objects (SCOs) in text, audio and video formats. They deliver these eLearning modules in various languages and provide subtitles if desired. Acadecraft also provides testing services for existing content, and in case the client's LMS is not SCORM conformed, we offer conversion services. Our services are available 24*7 and worldwide.

Types Of SCORM Solutions

rapid e-learning services in USA
Content Conversion

Acadecraft converts existing content into SCORM compatible content using various tools and software. We ensure that the learning modules or SCOs operate in all learning systems. The content may be in mp3, mp4, pdf or any other format.

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Content Testing

Acadecraft tests eLearning courses and modules to detect and eliminate issues that may affect its operation in a client's SCORM conformed systems. We test, deliver and report our findings for audio, video and textual content.

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Content Creation

Acadecraft creates eLearning content that is operable in all SCORM compatible learning management systems. Our experts develop modules in multiple languages and formats for all academic disciplines and training concepts.

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LMS Conversion

Acadecraft converts LMSs for clients who have systems that are incompatible with SCORM conformed content operation. Our conversion ensures that the system can successfully import, launch and track SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 content.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft delivers various SCORM services to eLearning platforms, schools, colleges and other educational institutes. We ensure that their content is interoperable across all LMSs so that learners worldwide can access, share and benefit from it.

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Acadecraft creates SCORM compatible training modules and applications aligned with the client's learning objectives and business goals. Our solutions guarantee better engagement and learner productivity.

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Acadecraft caters to clients of the publishing industry as well. We provide them with SCORM learning solutions across all information genres and languages. Our solutions are available in text, audio or video formats.

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How it works

At Acadecraft, we have a team of experts who deliver quick and affordable SCORM solutions to clients across all industry verticals.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Depending on their learning goals, accessibility concerns, language needs and target audience, we choose a team of experts. The team then creates or tests content, which our quality analysts finally review for accuracy and compatibility.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, choose, create/test, and review our content before delivery.

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