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Providing accurate and standardized taxonomy solutions for easy access and retrieval of information of all genres

We are a content management company delivering customised taxonomy solutions on time to valued partners worldwide.
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Key Issues

Businesses go through numerous partnerships and mergers. As a result, they inherit different terminology and vocabulary standards. This reduces the chances of information discovery and retrieval. So, clients look for taxonomy solutions to help them categorise and tag their content.

However, choosing the right service provider is critical. Most agencies lack experts who can work with all content types and formats. On the other hand, some cannot provide an accurate standard vocabulary. Meanwhile, there are agencies that can fine-tune client’s taxonomy with search engines for easy discoverability. But they rarely deliver in multiple languages. Hence, finding a taxonomy service that can improve client’s information consistency is difficult. Added to this, they must also boost the navigation and search results of the content and facilitate automated content delivery. Also, many service providers fall short of providing services 24/7. Consequently, clients deal with problems like incorrect tagging of assets and clumsy data interfaces.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

We are a leading content management company in the UK providing taxonomy solutions worldwide. Our team resolves all terminology and vocabulary differences. The talented computational linguists, translators and lexicographers of Acadecraft create standard vocabularies for clients. Clients use our services for all content types, business functions and target customers. Moreover, we provide consistent information, better analytics, and smarter business processes. The services boost client’s navigation and search results through accurate tagging of digital assets. In addition, our taxonomy solutions automate targeted content delivery, analytics reports, problem recognition, and intelligent operational support. Further, they also improve the user experience by displaying filtered information. Our experts extend Business Intelligence (BI) by mapping database values to common concepts. We deliver taxonomy solutions for various purposes. For example; enterprise content, web content management, digital asset management, e-commerce catalogues, directories, product lifecycle management and enterprise search. Clients search, navigate and manage content using metadata by organizing information with our taxonomy solutions. In conclusion, we provide logical, cohesive, comprehensive, and usable taxonomy solutions. We handle content in multiple languages and deliver 24/7.

Types Of Taxonomy Solutions

Acadecraft delivers a wide range of taxonomy solutions depending on the target audience, business type and client objectives. Moreover, we handle large volumes of information and deliver on time. Also, our experts have in-depth scientific, legal, financial, technical and academic knowledge.

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Pre-Trained Taxonomies

We offer various taxonomy knowledge bases that are pre-built and ready to use. They facilitate automated classifications using a standards-based taxonomy. Acadecraft’s pre-trained knowledge bases cover a wide range of classifications. These include general business, records management, personal information, sales & procurement and more.

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Foundation Taxonomies

Our foundation taxonomies help clients who categorise the information from a blank slate. They decrease the time spent developing taxonomy by providing a sensible starting point. In addition, our foundation taxonomies provide targeted feedback to customize the taxonomy as per the client’s needs. The starting point is easily customized for a specific business’ needs.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides taxonomy solutions for a variety of academic and scientific content. Higher education, engineering, chemical, medicine, legal, political, are some of the taxonomies we have developed. We deal with content in multiple languages and input formats.

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Acadecraft creates accounting, manufacturing, construction, banking, finance, investment, technical, health, hospitality, human resources, IT, logistics and management taxonomies. In other words, we serve all aspects of a corporate industry client and deliver quality results on time.

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We design taxonomies for products & services, accounting, customer service, general business, management, packaging, records retention, sales & marketing, skills and telecommunications. Hence, our services help clients provide a great user experience to their customers.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, we develop specialized taxonomies for clients across all industry sectors. Added to this, we guarantee 24/7 support and availability.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their needs. Next, we design a blueprint listing the different services to deliver. Thirdly, our team develops the taxonomy solutions, which, our quality analysts finally review for accuracy.

Therefore, we collaborate, understand, design, develop and review our taxonomies before delivery.

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