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We are a professional VILT solution provider creating diverse learning content for all our valued clients.
Virtual instructor-led training services

Key Issues

Virtual Instructor-led training is delivered in a virtual or simulated environment, which includes a simulated environment, in some cases. VILT is designed to simulate a classroom or training centre experience. As one of the fastest-growing E-learning methods, VILTs must effectively deliver information affordably and interactively. Businesses use VILT methods for training their employees in remote and far-off areas and marketing their products and services globally. Educational institutes rely on VILT services for their massive open online courses, making learning available and accessible to all.

Depending on the client requirements, a professional VILT service provider must know to replicate the traditional classroom experience and create unique and personalised learning modules. Experts should design engaging content that allows users to connect with the instructor whenever needed. However, finding an agency that can deliver quality VILT services that guarantee higher retention, increased productivity, and customer satisfaction is challenging. Most agencies may fail to integrate the latest technology, quality content and timely delivery into their services.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft provides immersive, interactive and quality VILT solutions across various concept fields and academic disciplines to clients worldwide. Our expert developers entail a deep understanding of multiple subjects and topics and design VILT content using modern technology, effective communication methods and appropriate delivery modes. We create cost-effective VILT material that incorporates simulations, presentations, audio-visual, and other multimedia elements to improve client engagement. We create crisp, comprehensive, and progressive modules that help clients track and control the pace and type of learning. They may take up our courses independently or blend them with other courses. Our online VILT training modules are subject-specific, accurate and provide remote access to all. Depending on the client's business goals, learning objectives and target audience, we design rich, diverse, engaging, attractive and technology-driven VILT learning solutions. We create well-researched content for clients and deliver across all timezones.

Types Of VILT Solutions

Virtual instructor-led training
Virtual Classroom training

Acadecraft designs informative virtual instructor-led training content for institutions that mimic the classroom experience. Our modules are incorporated with modern teaching methods in the traditional classroom setting that facilitate instructor learner interactions. We employ multiple media elements like animation, audio clips and video inserts that make VILT more interesting, and engaging. Ou SMEs, designers and editors deliver content across various concepts and guarantee higher user retention and feedback.

Online Virtual instructor-led training

Acadecraft facilitates webinars and creates content for interactive presentation and training materials that grab the audiences' attention and keep them glued to the presentation. Our developers use attractive and appropriate images, videos, animation and other multimedia elements to make webinars interesting and impactful.

Virtual instructor-led training content provider
One-on-one VILT

Acadecraft's one-on-one online VILT solutions include daily exercises, assignments, discussions, case studies, role-plays and other interactive activities that facilitate easy assimilation of information. The small and compact online training modules are engaging, informative, and personalised according to the teaching or training pattern, learning objectives, business goals, and client's convenience.

Professional Virtual instructor-led training service provider in UK
One-to-many VILT

Acadecraft delivers modular one-to-many training solutions to learners worldwide. Our content ensures smooth delivery and easy understanding of concepts. The solutions we design are easily available and can be accessed from any device. The expert content developers at Acadecraft strive to promote user engagement, increase employee productivity, improve training effectiveness and achieve learning goals.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides customised VILT solutions to E-learning companies that strive to deliver interactive content to their clients. Our modules abide by the learning objectives, curriculum needs and assessment patterns prescribed by our client at all times. We provide VILT services for E-learning modules across a wide range of topics and study disciplines.

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Educational Institutes

Schools, universities, university colleges, higher education institutes and other education institutes rely on us for effective VILT solutions for their online learning content. We provide creative solutions across various fields and education levels, considering the client's curriculum framework and topic specifications.

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Acadecraft delivers innovative and engaging VILT training modules that enhance learner engagement and help business enterprises meet their production requirements and goals through interactive and problem-solving tasks and challenges. The modules cover customer dealings, product features, skill development and any other client requirement. Our services cater to a variety of industrial training hubs and corporates.

Virtual instructor-led training in UK

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our workflow is directed to provide effective VILT solutions to clients worldwide. Our experts guarantee the delivery of quality services on time.

First, we collaborate with our clients and understand their requirements. Next, we choose the appropriate virtual training method and delivery mode. Then, we design a blueprint based on the client's needs and objectives and their target audience. We then develop the content according to the blueprint, and finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy of information and language.

Hence, in our seven-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, choose, design, develop, review and deliver.

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