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Acadecraft Designs Immersive And Unique Virtual Lab Simulations Assuring Better Understanding, Execution And Retention Of Experiments

We are an eLearning service developer providing high-quality virtual lab services to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Laboratory experiments are an integral part of any practical learning. Clients look for opportunities through which they can provide adequate lab facilities to learners. However, many institutes and businesses cannot do so because of the lack of space, technology, funds or expertise.

Hence, they rely on service providers that deliver interactive and affordable virtual lab simulations with accuracy. A professional virtual lab service must guarantee subject expertise, immersive modules, responsive simulations and animations. However, most agencies lack experts with in-depth knowledge and technical efficacy resulting in limited and boring simulations. Many do not provide multilingual solutions, which compromises the accessibility of content. Finding a hi-tech virtual lab service provider that can deliver on-time client-specific simulations across all concept fields is challenging.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a leading eLearning company in the UK, Acadecraft has the best in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), designers, editors and software developers. They work together to create interactive and engaging virtual labs for clients across all industry sectors. We have SMEs for all practical-oriented subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, employee training, behavioural training and more. Our virtual lab simulations are responsive and multilingual. Learners worldwide can access our content and explore new concepts and theories. They can use advanced laboratory techniques and equipment that are incredibly pricey to buy in real. Our detailed simulations include animations that let learners closely observe the machines they are operating and the molecular levels' elements. We provide an actual lab-like experience where learners can perform experiments, interact with instructors, view their results and take part in quizzes and assignments. Our immersive 3D interactive learning environment serves as a pre-lab platform, replacing physical labs or a supplementary learning resource.

Types of Virtual Lab Services

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Visual Aid

Acadecraft's virtual labs are used as visual aids by teachers while explaining complicated theoretical concepts. They help learners to quickly understand information through immersive simulations designed according to client specifications.

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Acadecraft designs virtual labs that help learners revise past learnings before learning new concepts. The simulations are based on the target audience's prerequisite knowledge and created according to the client's learning goals, pedagogy patterns, and educational level.

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Pre-lab Exercise

Acadecraft develops virtual lab simulations specifying safety measures, tools required, procedures and techniques to follow before starting any new or complicated experiment in a physical laboratory.

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Unconventional Labs

Acadecraft creates virtual lab simulations for subjects that usually do not include practical experiments due to time, space or resource constraints. Our SMEs create novel experiments and modules for requested topics in any academic field.

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Online learning

Acadecraft creates virtual lab simulations as a part of online learning modules. Students can experience lab environments and benefits from home. Our modules allow instructors to record and track the academic progress of learners for personalised assessments.

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Post-lab exercise

Acadecraft has experts who create lab simulations to help learners monitor and analyse their experiment results. These modules ensure that learners can quickly internalise and review their learnings whenever needed.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft delivers virtual lab services to eLearning platforms in the UK and worldwide for effective online and blended learning. Our experts create solutions aligned with learning objectives, educational levels, pedagogy patterns and technical availability.

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Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges and universities use Acadecraft's innovative virtual lab solutions to help students perform and understand complicated experiments from home or in class. It is helpful for institutes that cannot afford the space and budget required for a physical laboratory.

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Acadecraft provides virtual lab services to business clients as well. We design interactive training solutions and programmes, offering software solutions and customer service. Our virtual labs help trainees experience real-life work situations and deal accordingly.

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How it works

At Acadecraft, we ensure to provide interactive virtual lab services to clients across all industry sectors. We help learners understand and retain complicated concepts and theories.

First, we collaborate with our clients and collect the required information. Then, depending on the concept, language and educational level, we design a blueprint. Based on the blueprint, we create a virtual lab simulation with animations and subtitles, if required. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy of information and language.

Hence, we collaborate, collect, design, create, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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