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Experimenting With Immersive Technologies To Encourage Business Growth

Acadecraft is a leading media service provider offering immersive technology services for clients worldwide
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Key Issues

Immersive technologies redefine the business way with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality trends. These trends give a realistic experience to end-users before approaching brands. However, due to a lack of technical expertise, clients’ do not create an immersive environment for users. Thereby, they develop low-quality virtual environments with privacy issues. Also, most of them do not meet the industrial standards, which disengages consumers. Thus, they avail of professional immersive technology services.

But, most service providers do not develop computer-generated objects. Also, compatibility is the major issue when clients approach low-quality service providers. They have unprofessional experts not following the business parameters and fixed AR and VR models. Moreover, poor appearances and immersive resolutions put brand integrity at risk. Hence, outsourcing certified and reliable immersive technology service provider becomes essential for clients. Low-quality service providers utilize outdated technologies that do not meet the clients’ requirements. Moreover, clients demand 24/7 solutions that unprofessional service providers fail to deliver. Thus, certified companies are available round-the-clock, ensuring higher ROI and productive results.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have certified AR and VR developers offering unrivalled immersive technology solutions to clients worldwide. Here, we follow the latest technology trends to support an engaging business ecosystem. Our professionals make most of AR, VR, and mixed reality technologies in immersive technology products. Besides, our professionals curate solutions that fit perfectly for immersive advertising, experiential marketing, web applications, and e-commerce platforms. With us, clients receive a higher CTA (Call To Action) rate on digital platforms. At Acadecraft, our experts provide advanced solutions compatible with the latest devices with no obligation. Overall, we help businesses deliver critical expertise with higher ROI and 24/7 services.

Types of Immersive Technology Services

Acadecraft creates a new reality by completely shutting users from the actual world. With us, clients receive satisfactory results in the following immersive technology services.

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Virtual Reality

Acadecraft uses best-in-class tools and manual expertise to illuminate sophisticated concepts. Clients receive an engaging virtual environment for brands. Furthermore, our professional experts deliver Virtual Tours, Virtual Open Days, Virtual Sales Tools and Virtual Training to maximize clients’ brand potential. Besides, we incorporate engaging scenarios in the training modules elevating learners’ experiences for learners.

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Augment Reality

Acadecraft leverage interactive elements to deliver Augmented Reality services. Our platform enhances the marketing and advertising message level. Also, our curated solutions link clients with the target audience to the point of sale. Here, we integrate 3D models, computer algorithms, motion tracking and image recognition features. All in all, we augment virtual objects with the relevant text or model data on the device screen.

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Mixed Reality Services

Acadecraft offers bespoke and innovative immersive technology solutions. Our professional content developers transform ideas into reality through technology. Moreover, digital experts at our platform inspire clients with a unique blend of technology and creativity. Our curate mixed reality solutions aligns with clients indoor and outdoor marketing needs. Furthermore, Acadecraft overlays mixed reality onto anything from print materials to physical products.

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360 Content Development

We at Acadecraft add value to traditional videos and content with a 360-degree approach. Our professional experts provide digital editions like bite-sized videos compatible with social media channels and video streaming platforms. Moreover, we develop customized 360 degrees content like photos, videos, and web and mobile experiences. Our experts ensure accessibility by creating an immersive digital experience for clients worldwide.

Our Clients

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Academic institutions in the UK and worldwide are our valuable business partners. Our platform caters to their digital project requirements with high-quality immersive technology services. Also, our virtual reality and augmented reality meets global education standards.

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Acadecraft delivers high-quality immersive technology services to elevate the digital learning experience. Several Ed-tech firms and eLearning platforms outsource our solutions to meet the immersive digital learning requirements.

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Publishing houses fulfil immersive technology services requirements by partnering with us. Our platform delivers impeccable AR, VR and MR services making accessible publishing content for clients worldwide.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we deliver customized immersive technology services at the best quoted price. Our professional team of certified experts follow a disciplined approach to yield productive results.

First, our project manager collaborates with the client to understand requirements. Next, our R&D team research and prepare a blueprint for the development process. Then, the developers’ team of software engineers, data analysts and AR and VR experts executes the plan. They develop a prototype and pass it on to the approval team. Finally, quality analysts examine the prototype and rectify errors ensuring perfect solutions.

Hence, we collaborate, research, execute, develop and examine before delivering projects.

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