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Tagging Solutions To Enhance Digital Visibility Of Learning Resources

Acadecraft is the leading eLearning company catering high-quality tagging services to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Online learning is the part of new normal. However, the digital space is flooded with the popular eLearning content of the K-12 domain. Thus, clients grab the attention of visitors by tagging the eLearning content. However, it requires advanced technical knowledge of HTML and Metatags, which many clients lack in. Also, they are unaware of tag types to incorporate in the content. Thus, they avail of professional tagging services to meet business outcomes. However, many tagging service providers lack certified technical experts and online resources.

Also, most of them utilize outdated technologies which provide low-quality tagging solutions. Many clients in the UK do not have the expertise to deal with multilingual projects. Collaborative tagging techniques is required for high-quality results, but low-quality service providers lack the same. Therefore, clients outsource certified tagging services providers delivering high-quality academic tagging solutions. With them, clients collaborate for L&D and meet industrial tagging benchmarks. Moreover, they receive round-the-clock solutions from certified experts.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have certified tagging experts delivering high-quality tagging services to K-12 clients. Here, our professionals integrate metadata tags, SEO tags and image tagging solutions to enhance the digital visibility of the content. Our platform meets the global publication accessibility standards. Moreover, we deliver multilingual tagging solutions for worldwide clients. With us, clients receive customized tagging services where they can edit, review and integrate preferred keywords.

Acadecraft covers every academic discipline of the K-12 domain in the UK. Our proficient tagging experts utilize cutting-edge solutions to develop accurate tags. Also, our robust infrastructure and computational expertise deliver clients higher ROI and productive results. Our experts are available 24/7 at service.

Types of Tagging Services

Acadecraft renders high-quality tags for K-12 learning content. Clients rely on our professional expertise and education tagging solutions for the following range of services.

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Analytics tagging

Acadecraft provides analytics tags to clients to collect relevant information like location, gender and device of users. The AI tags and information streamline the process of learning design for clients. All in all, we enhance the search and discovery of content in applications and websites. Our professionals are available 24/7 to cater to professional objectives. Besides, we handle volumes of analytics tagging projects in multiple languages.

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Metadata Tagging

Our platform optimizes eLearning modules with our metadata tagging. Our professionally curated descriptions make the content valuable digital assets. At Acadecraft, our tagging experts research for the trending keywords. Later, they integrate them into Meta descriptions and titles, making them SEO compliant. Our professionals incorporate metadata tagging for academic blogs, research papers, online dissertations and e-journals. Moreover,

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Image Tagging

Acadecraft label high-quality keywords eLearning images to boost web traffic. Thereby, it enhances the digital visibility and organic traffic on the site. With us, clients receive tagging solutions for different and sophisticated images. Our experts accomplish tagging with the right software. Also, they even automate the tagging process according to project requirements. Moreover, our integrated tags help later for quick search and filtering.

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Acadecraft curates high-quality hashtags to increase the engagement level of learning content. Moreover, our tags put clients’ content trending on different social media channels. Within few words, our experts build a successful digital marketing theme. Besides, our curated hashtags allow digital users to find and engage with content related to learning interests. All in all, we make content discoverable and engaging for end-users.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft is the valuable business partner of academic institutions in the UK and worldwide. Educational clients avail of our tagging services to make academic curriculum, dissertations and academic blogs accessible and engaging.

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Ed-tech companies and eLearning platforms avail of our tagging services. Here, our experts enhance the digital visibility of the content with high-quality metadata tags and analytics tags. Moreover, we provide our 24/7 services tackling technical glitches clients’ face.

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Publishing houses worldwide manage the online library with our tagging services. Acadecraft provides high-quality image and analytics tagging solutions helping clients to manage publishing tasks. Besides, we embrace digital transformation measures for high-quality web publishing.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our professionals deliver impeccable tagging services following superlative methodology. For this, our experts strive hard and put extensive knowledge to meet industrial standards.

First, clients share the project requirements. Next, our project manager collaborates with clients after receiving the input to analyze requirements. Then, tagging experts extract the relevant information and initiate the tagging process. Here, they curate relevant tags suiting the project. Finally, quality analysts examine the final draft by rectifying errors.

Hence, we collaborate, extract, curate and examine to ensure flawless solutions for clients.

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