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Creating One-of-a-kind Book Cover Designs That Perfectly Complement The Story Within, For Authors And Businesses Worldwide

We are a reputed book design service provider delivering premium book cover designs for all genres to our global partners.
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Key Issues

A book might be the next great best-seller, but a customer will only know that after buying it. Whether or not a book sells is always judged by its cover. A beautifully designed cover instantly communicates the theme of the book to its readers. It builds a professional image of the author and the publishing house.

Clients look for professional book cover design services to create well-designed covers for books across all genres and formats. However, most design service providers lack experienced graphic designers and illustrators who create designs that accurately reflect the content. Some do not have the talent for visual storytelling and fail to design attractive covers. Finding a book cover design service that can do wonders with any content type and deliver on time is challenging. Authors and businesses must get in touch with agencies with proficiency in layout designs, colour combinations and typefaces.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a leading book design service in the UK, Acadecraft creates immersive book designs that instantly grasp readers' attention. Our multilingual designers handle large volumes of content in any language, genre and format. We use appropriate colour combinations, font styles, images and illustrations to create attractive covers. Our team reads the entire content to get an idea about the mood, tone of writing, and target audience to create designs that perfectly match the content within. Acadecraft's book designers turn abstract concepts into powerful imagery. We deliver ready-to-print and easily uploadable high-resolution cover designs. We also provide a rendered 3D version of the cover, if required. At Acadecraft, our experts guarantee cover designs that capture the readers' imagination and keep them hooked. Our designs ensure improved reader engagement and selling probability. We stay in contact with the clients regularly, accommodate multiple changes and deliver worldwide across all industry sectors.

Types Of Book Cover Designs

Acadecraft houses experienced designers and illustrators who deliver a wide range of book cover designs to clients 24/7.

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Acadecraft designs customised paperbacks for books of all genres and language. Our paperback covers are flexible and high-gloss laminated that guarantees durability and easy portability. We design for the front, back, and spine of the book.

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Hard Covers

We design image wrap hardcovers for books of all shapes, sizes, formats, layouts, and paper types. Our team provides a durable matte finish, end sheets and library binding at affordable rates. We directly print the designs on the front, bank and spine of the hardcover.

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Acadecraft designs fully-coloured, glossy dust jackets for hardcover books. We print designs on the front, back, spine and flaps of the dust jacket. Our team ensures a luxurious look and feel for client's novels, cookbooks, photo books and limited editions.

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eBook Covers

Acadecraft creates responsive and attractive eBook cover designs that help them stand out on various digital publishing platforms like Amazon and Smashwords. We integrate high-resolution images in our designs for both fictional and non-fictional eBooks.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft designs book covers for various educational books and eBooks. We align our designs with the motive of the content, client requirements and target audience. Our team creates covers for solution manuals, coursebooks, textbooks, picture books, journals, magazines and the like.

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Acadecraft designs cover pages for fictional and non-fictional books like novels, dramas, short stories, travelogues, cookbooks, poems, biographies and more. We ensure to create attractive cover pages in any desired format that strictly align with the clients and printers' specifications.

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Acadecraft creates professional designs for various corporate content like pamphlets, products catalogues, brochures, technical books, skill development books, instruction manuals, policy manuals and handbooks. We work with content in any language and deliver on time to clients in the UK and worldwide.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we work towards delivering one-of-a-kind cover designs for books, eBooks and audiobooks in any desired format. We accommodate multiple changes and recommendations for complete client satisfaction.

First, we collaborate with the client and collect their manuscripts. Then, our team reads the content and prepares a blueprint based on the target audience and type of information. Next, our team of designers, typesetters and illustrators work together to create an attractive design in the desired format. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy.

Hence, we collaborate, collect, read, prepare, create and review our book cover designs before final delivery.

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