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Delivering Interactive And Attractive Cataloguing Solutions For Enhanced Customer Engagement To Businesses Worldwide

We are a reputed cataloguing service provider offering a range of cataloguing services for enhanced categorisation to all our partners.
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Key Issues

Efficient cataloguing plays a vital role in any business venture's success as it conveys all the information about the various products and services they deliver. Due to evolving standards and legislations, organisations have to go through intense documentation and file work. So, they look for professional cataloguing services online to store these critical records and information for easy retrieval in the future.

Finding expert cataloguing solutions designed as per the client's organisational guidelines and international regulations is challenging. Inexperienced cataloguing service providers deliver mislaid catalogues that require clients to follow lengthy retrieval cycles. Some are unable to include text, audio and video information. A reputed agency must collect, manage, organise and retain data in highly secure and structured catalogues. Proper cataloguing must improve the chances of information discovery and retrieval. Many clients also face difficulty locating an agency that can work with different languages and deliver services 24/7.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a leading cataloguing service provider in the UK, Acadecraft provides professional cataloguing services to customers worldwide. Our expert cataloguers and dedicated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) use the best software technologies to catalogue large volumes of data with accuracy. Clients across all industry sectors seek our expertise to document, classify and record their content in various formats for easy discovery and retrieval. Our team assists clients with new acquisitions, existing catalogues and backlogs in multiple languages in a short time. We provide full or abbreviated original cataloguing, copy cataloguing with few edits or record enrichment services to solve all cataloguing challenges. We catalogue data found in books, files, CDs, DVDs, photographs, videos, audio recordings, musical scores and digital collections. Our team includes professional librarians who are specialised in cataloguing library information as per the various international standards. Clients can access and share our interactive catalogues using any device from any part of the world. Our catalogues include text search, voice search, interactive table of contents, and embedded links for clients to navigate through the information quickly. We guarantee complete confidentiality of data and deliver round the clock services to clients worldwide.

Types of Cataloguing solutions

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Product Catalogues

Acadecraft designs impressive product catalogues with interactive videos, GIFs, embedded item links, and high-resolution images of products. They generate website traffic, attract potential customers and improve search engine rankings for the client. Our catalogues keep track of customer behaviour using advanced analytics and document tracking. Clients can monitor the number of views, clicks, visitors, most popular products and more. We depict the products and services clearly so that customers can easily find them. Our team is adept at working with data of all sizes and delivering on time. We guarantee increased user engagement and online revenue at reasonable costs.

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Library Catalogues

Acadecraft has professional librarians who assist our cataloguers to create accurate and interactive library catalogues. We maintain a navigable database of books, audio recordings, moving images, videos, newspapers, cartographic materials, digital files and other resources owned by a library. Clients use our library catalogues to identify information by the author, contributor, publisher or title. We follow the required standards while cataloguing different library resources. Our catalogues put clients on the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) platform, which gives them global visibility and readership. It guarantees an increased ROI and helps libraries incorporate new collections easily.

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Catalogue Update

Apart from creating various types of catalogues, Acadecraft also updates them regularly. Our trained cataloguers integrate simple updates like adding a new product feature or complex modifications like new categories or indexes. We convert paper catalogues into digital catalogues, index them and update them whenever needed. Depending on the client's needs, we add new products and resources to our catalogues and place them within the appropriate category and sub-category. We ensure continuous association with our clients and provide them with the latest cataloguing services. Our cataloguers are skilled at creating catalogues for all formats of information and language.

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Catalogue Processing

Acadecraft's professionals are adept at editing existing catalogues. Our catalogue processing services help clients refresh their outdated catalogues and present their products or services in a much more attractive manner. We guarantee increased customer engagement, rise in sales and greater reach to clients across all industry sectors. Our team proofreads content, retouches images, enhances design elements and increases the catalogues' interactivity through embedded links and pop-up images. They remove background, add visual effects and colour correct the catalogues to make them more attractive. Technical experts at Acadecraft deliver highly responsive catalogues that clients can access from any device.

Our Clients

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Online and offline libraries of schools, colleges and universities seek our cataloguing solutions for adequate storage, categorisation and retrieval of information. We have ex[erts who can catalogue information belonging to any educational field or level. We provide an online and global presence to libraries worldwide.

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Acadecraft has numerous clients from the eCommerce industry who use our cataloguing services to create attractive and user-friendly product catalogues. Our team includes experts who are familiar with all marketing and trading terminologies. They work together with the cataloguers to create interactive content.

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Corporate clients rely on Acadecraft's cataloguing services for effective recording, organising and retrieval of vital information. We handle large volumes of corporate data that may include legal bindings, employee training modules, policy briefings and more. Clients easily navigate through our catalogues and access the required information whenever needed.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we strive to create compelling catalogues for all our clients. Our catalogues facilitate easy retrieval of information, higher customer engagement and organised presentation of data.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then, we collect their content in any format available and design a blueprint of all the services required. Our team then creates the content and inserts interactive elements to increase the readability of the catalogue. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy of information and ease of access.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, collect, design, create, insert and review our catalogues before delivery.

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