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Delivering High-quality Design And Customised Composition Services To Create Engaging Content For Publishers And Content Providers Worldwide

We are a reputed publishing company delivering industry-standard composition services by certified professionals to our valued clients.
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Key Issues

In this digital era, content needs to look just as good as it reads. Businesses now realise the importance of compelling content presentation and lay special emphasis on it. In addition to content creators, they also employ in-house composition experts. But this proves to be a very cost-effective solution in the long run. So, clients look for services that can deliver inclusive composition services for all content types.

However, most composition service providers lack the expertise to arrange content in an attractive and easily understandable manner. They fit all the content in any desired automated format. Some companies only work with specific languages and formats, which affects their service delivery significantly. Many agencies cannot handle high volumes of content and deliver across all time zones. So, finding a composition service that is inclusive of customised layout designs and formatting solutions is challenging.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a leading publisher of the United Kingdom, Acadecraft blends technology with professional expertise to provide personalised composition services worldwide. Our experienced compositors handle large volumes of manuscripts in multiple languages. They present contents in an engaging, professional and easily understandable manner. Acadecraft focuses on the design and layout aspects as well. We use the latest software tools to create content in multiple publication formats for different devices and digital platforms. Our composition expertise ranges from simple text monographs to highly-illustrated pages and single-column to multicolumn layouts. We assist big and small clients worldwide with hard-copy and digital publishing. Our team works with multiple industry-accepted input formats like printed books, Word, PDF, EPUB, LaTex, InDesign, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker and 3B2.

Types of Composition Services

Acadecraft’s offers a range of composition services for simple monographs, complex reference titles, cookbooks, novels, textbooks, professional books, academic journals, technical manuals, legal papers and eBooks.

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Layout and Cover Design

Experts at Acadecraft design impressive layouts and covers for content across all genres and formats. We customise our designs as per client requirements, target audience and genre of information.

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Pre-edit Services

Acadecraft’s pre-editing services include a cleanup of the entire manuscript. We then tag it using Word styles so that the heads, notes, extracts and other elements appear correctly when the book is typeset.

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3B2 Composition

We deliver 3B2 or Arbortext APP compositions to clients for easy configuration and integration of complex layouts, graphics, images and languages. These compositions ensure consistency across all document types and media.

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LaTeX Composition

Acadecraft offers LaTeX compositions for mathematical and scientific content in multiple languages. Our LaTeX experts train the client’s in-house compositors, if needed, to develop effective math and scientific publications.

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eBook Conversion

Acadecraft converts Word documents, PDFs, and more into eBook formats. We convert printed material into interactive eBooks by adding animations, audio clips, video files, footnotes, cross-references, and other interactive content.

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XML Tagging

Our composition services include XML tagging, which helps clients identify, store and organise different data types. Our compositors create unique tags in various languages as per the content requirements.

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Tonal Adjustments

Acadecraft provides composition services for images in the content. We adjust the brightness, contrast, curves, exposure, saturation, hues, shadows, highlights and white balance of images for better visibility and engagement.

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Acadecraft provides expert consultations to the client’s in-house compositors to create relevant and engaging content. We offer guidance for different types of composition services depending on the client’s industry requirements.

Our Clients

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We deliver various composition services to eLearning platforms, schools, colleges and universities. Our compositors work on academic journals, magazines, coursebooks and eBooks of multiple languages and concept fields.

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Acadecraft provides composition services for technical manuals, eBooks, websites, whitepapers, trade fictions, handbooks, and other corporate content in various formats. We deliver our services, 24/7 and worldwide.

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Our compositors provide high-quality composition services for fictional and non-fictional manuscripts in multiple formats and languages. We handle everything from simple monographs to complex reference titles.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we work to deliver customised composition services to clients across all industry sectors.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Depending on the content type, target audience and service needs, we design a blueprint. Next, our compositors employ the required methods to compose the content, which the quality analysts finally review for accessibility and accuracy,

Hence, we collaborate, understand, design, compose and review our services before delivery.

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