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Delivering Accurate Conversion Services In Accordance With CreateSpace, KDP Print, And Other Print-On-Demand Platform Specifications

We are a content development company providing organised and well-formatted CreateSpace conversion services to our valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Despite the growing popularity of eBooks and other digital content, a steady niche audience prefers printed books. Also, books written by significant authors on rare topics demand a hard copy or paperback representation. So, clients worldwide are looking for ways to publish hard copies and sell them on platforms like Amazon to assure visibility and commercial success.

Online publishing platforms like CreateSpace (now KDP Print) print manuscripts to distribute through Amazon. However, these print-on-demand platforms require unique formatting. Clients depend on professional conversion services that can effectively convert their documents from any format to CreateSpace formats. However, most agencies that deliver these conversion services work with limited formats only. They lack professionals who can handle large volumes of content in multiple languages, restricting their service range. It forces clients to contact different agencies for the same service or build an in-house team of their own, both of which are not cost-effective in the long run.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a leading content development company in the UK, Acadecraft offers professional CreateSpace conversions for various manuscripts genres and formats. Our team of formatting experts and editors use the latest software tools to convert word and pdf files to any format supported by CreateSpace. We format the books with appropriate font styles, header, footers, page numbers, forwards, preface, endnote, glyphs, page-breaks and drop caps. Our experts accurately place images, graphs, illustrations, and other non-textual elements in the layout for a seamless reading experience. We customise our conversions as per the client, topic and audience requirements. Conversion professionals of Acadecraft assure on-time delivery of large volumes of content in multiple languages to clients worldwide. We deliver high-quality services that attract readers and publishers alike.

Types of Books We Convert

The team of widely experienced professionals at Acadecraft convert manuscripts of all types and formats using the latest technical assistance. We serve clients across all industry sectors.

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Fictional Books

Acadecraft converts fictional content in a creative and visually appealing manner. Our experts use unique font styles and colours that match the genre of the book. We convert everything from text-heavy fictional books like novels to image-laden children's books. Irrespective of content volume, we convert manuscripts in all formats and languages.

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Academic Books

Acadecraft delivers accurate CreateSpace conversions for all academic content types like journals, books, magazines, and manuals. Our SMEs have in-depth knowledge of every academic subject and guide our designers to format without missing any critical information. We convert manuscripts across all academic disciplines and educational levels.

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Corporate Books

Acadecraft converts corporate content into CreateSpace formats. We format logbooks, account books, ledgers, catalogues, legal notices, and brochures that clients want to publish. Our experts ensure to preserve all the technical information and deliver professional conversions on time. We elevate boring corporate information to engaging content.

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Biographies and autobiographies are tricky to work with as every story is unique. There is no fixed format to follow. Our team goes through the entire content before choosing the appropriate font styles, colour schemes, and other formatting elements. We ensure that our designs perfectly denote the mood of the book and attract readers worldwide.

Our Clients

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Schools, colleges, and universities of the UK and worldwide use our CreateSpace conversion services for accessible academic content. We customise our conversions according to the educational level, curriculum requirements, academic discipline, and target audience. We guarantee that our CreateSpace conversions will keep learners engaged at all times.

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Acadecraft delivers quick and precise conversions to corporate industry clients in all desired formats. Our experts tackle various conversions in multiple languages and formats to enhance the client's business reach. We convert catalogues, brochures, reports, product descriptions, and other corporate content for enhanced customer engagement and reliability.

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Publishers use Acadecraft's creative CreateSpace conversion and formatting services to convert various types of fictional and non-fictional books. We easily convert text-based, image-based, scientific, legal and many other kinds of books. Our team includes experts who have in-depth experience of working with all types of content.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we provide standardised and accessible CreateSpace conversions to individual and institutional clients worldwide. We ensure to handle large volumes of information and deliver content with fast turnarounds.

First, we understand the client requirements and collect their manuscripts in any format. Next, we design a blueprint specifying the various methods to follow, depending on the book's genre and target audience. Then, our team formats and converts the manuscript using the latest software and manual expertise. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy.

Hence, we understand, collect, design, format, convert, review and deliver in our seven-step workflow.

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