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Converting Documents, Images, and Films into Valuable Digital Assets

Acadecraft offers cost-effective and hundred per cent error-free digitisation services to its clients in the UK.
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Key Issues

Businesses nowadays digitise bulk quantity of documents regularly. So, they often outsource the digitisation process for faster completion of the works. Hence, the need for professional digitisation service providing companies has been growing at a rapid pace. But, many professional digitisation service providers lack an experienced workforce. So, their services are often limited to a particular set of products.

Also, accuracy is one of the most critical aspects of effective digitisation. But, almost all the digitisation service providers make errors. Moreover, most of them do not have experienced quality analysts, and hence they deliver the services without checking their accuracy. It leads to ineffective digitisation.

Also, companies digitising bulk quantity of documents must deliver the digitised products within the deadline. But, they often fail to complete a bulk amount of work within deadlines due to the lack of resources. Hence, they often miss deadlines, which creates unnecessary problems for the clients.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has individual teams for different digitisation services. Our teams include certified digitisation experts. We have quality analysts who specialise in analysing digitised products. Our products are always delivered after strict quality checks. Hence, we ensure that all our digitisation services are error-free.

Acadecraft offers all types of digitisation services, including digitisation of documents like business reports, files, and even books, digitisation of colour and black & white images, and digitisation of all types of video films and motion pictures. We also offer data-entry and digitisation services to businesses.

Acadecraft is highly proficient in delivering digitisation services in bulk quantity. We have an adequate number of resources, and hence, we never miss deadlines. Our services are incredibly cost-effective and accurate. We offer full-time services with long-term commitments.

Types of Digitisation Services

We deliver different types of digitisation services. We even combine different types of digitisation processes to fulfil the requirements of our clients. Some of our digitisation services are discussed below.

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Document Digitisation

The documents are digitised by either scanning or manual processing, as required. We use the latest scanning devices for scanning documents. When doing manual upload of the documents, we repeatedly check their accuracy.

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Book Digitisation

We digitise the books through scanning or manual uploading of the texts. After digitising the pages, we arrange the pages in sequential order, bookmark the essential pages of the eBook and add the images in the appropriate positions.

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Coloured Image Digitisation

The analogue coloured images are first scanned, uploaded into the photo editing software, and then edited as per the clients’ requirements. We also enhance the quality of the pictures after digitising the analogue versions.

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Black & White Image Digitisation

We scan the black & white images using advanced photo scanners. After uploading, our experts adjust the greyscale of the photos appropriately. We also carry out the photo restoration process if required. We ensure that the finished digital images are vibrant.

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Film Digitisation

Acadecraft follows the frame-by-frame process of film digitisation. Thus, we digitise every portion of the film accurately. We even recover and restore the damaged footage and deliver the complete film with enhanced quality to our clients.

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Audio Digitisation

The audiotapes are digitised using the three-step procedure. Our experts carry out accurate sampling, quantisation, and encoding process to deliver perfect digitised audio to our clients. We ensure that the quality of the audio remains the same as the original.

Our Clients

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft delivers digitisation of books, study materials, question papers, and other documents for the eLearning industry. We convert these materials either into eBooks or Audio Books. We also arrange and bookmark the digital books.

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Publishing Houses

The publishing houses often need to digitise paper-based books into eBooks. Acadecraft provides a hundred per cent accurate book digitisation process. We also convert the books into audiobooks. In addition, we deliver kindle conversion services also.

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Business Companies

Acadecraft accurately converts the business reports and essential business documents into digital assets. We apply both scanning-based and manual procedures for the same. We also offer error-free and affordable data entry services to our clients.

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How It Works?

First, we connect with our clients to know their requirements. We discuss the project in detail and finalise the agreement. After learning the demands, our experts start working on the project. Once the products are complete, our quality analysts check the accuracy and quality of the products. We rectify the errors and modify the products if required. Once we are satisfied with the quality of the products, we deliver them to our clients. We remain in touch with our clients even after the delivery of the products.

Hence, we discuss, design, develop, check, and deliver!

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