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Delivering Book Scanning Services For All Types Of Publications To Allow Easy Accessibility And Preservation

We are a leading eLearning company providing high-quality book scanning services in multiple formats to our valued customers worldwide.
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Key Issues

Businesses seek book scanning services to preserve important files, documents, records and books from natural degradation. eBook scanning services are in huge demand because they give access to any stored information at the touch of a bottom. No more cramped file cabinets and heaps of yellowing papers to hoard. Organisations can now store all their data in one device or online cloud space.

However, finding a professional eBook scanning service provider that can handle large volumes of data and deliver across multiple formats in the stipulated time is challenging. Most agencies lack technological efficacy or tools to scan files and books accurately, and some are not experienced enough to cater to all types of documents.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a leading book scanning service in the UK, Acadecraft delivers high-quality scanning services for all printed material, regardless of size. We scan bound textbooks, journals, notebooks, newspapers, magazines, letters, reference books and any other document. Our experts provide different book scanning services and export the scanned files into any digital format like word, jpg, pdf, .epub and .mobi. The software we use guarantee high-resolution images and clear text in the exported files. If desired by the client, we also store the electronic formats in digital archives to easily access and cross-reference the content. We handle your books with care and protect them from potential damage caused by light or humidity at all times. Acadecraft serves clients worldwide and 24*7.

Types of Books Scanning Services

We scan various types of printed material like lab notebooks, ledgers, deed books, historical texts, machine manuals, medical records, manuscripts, bound books, journals, transcripts, yearbooks, periodicals, catalogues, magazines and newspapers. Acadecraft offers a wide range of book scanning services to cater to all types of material.

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Destructive Book Scanning Services

Acadecraft's destructive book scanning services involve a scanning process where the spines of the books are removed. Clients prefer this method for books that are not very valuable in their physical form but contain important records or data easily transferred into digital form. These may be notebooks, ledgers, entry books, catalogues and the like.

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Non-Destructive Book Scanning Services

Acadecraft delivers these services to clients who want the original printed material to be preserved. The books are kept intact throughout the process of scanning. It is a commonly used method for historical books, rare books, last editions of great plays and novels, books by important authors and more. Here, the books' physical value is incomparable, and clients wish to preserve the written text and images in case the book is misplaced or destroyed by nature.

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Optical Character Recognition

Commonly known as OCR, Acadecraft uses this scanning method to convert text-heavy images and diagrams to digital formats. Our experts export the content as .pdf, .doc, .mobi or .ePub files for easy access and integration into eBooks. We convert paper documents, scanned files and photographs into editable data. It is commonly used to scan yearbooks, portfolios, magazines, newspapers and other image-heavy material.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides book scanning services for schools, colleges, universities, training institutes and eLearning platforms in the UK and worldwide. We scan important reading material that is incredibly costly or difficult to find. Making such material available digitally provides equal access opportunities to all and allows easy delivery of information. Medical, scientific, architecture, design, historical and other image-laden books are much more beneficial in an electronic format as users can zoom in, edit and save the pictures.

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Acadecraft scans various business documents like financial records, ledgers, accounts, meeting minutes, medical records, court transcripts, catalogues, bills and dealings. We export them in any desired format for easy storage and accessibility. Digital information helps businesses maintain the privacy and accuracy of their services.

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Acadecraft offers various scanning services to publishers who produce digital reading material. We deliver in all digital formats to make their content available across all digital platforms like Kindle, pdf reader, Apple Books and more. Our digitised content includes high-quality images and indexes that easily access important parts of the book.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we work to deliver the best e-book scanning services to clients across all industry sectors. Our services guarantee an enhanced clarity and accessibility of reading material for all concept fields.

First, we collect the client's printed material and examine it to decide what tools and methods would suit it best. Using the appropriate software and manual expertise, we scan the books and integrate index, glossaries and other additional features if requested. Finally, our quality analysts review the scanned content for accuracy, clarity and accessibility before delivery.

Hence, we collect, decide, scan, integrate, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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