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Delivering Quick And Conclusive eBook Testing Services For Enhanced Accessibility And Readability

We are an eLearning company providing reliable eBook testing solutions for all content types to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

eBooks are one of the most common ways of information delivery online. So, businesses worldwide carry out their B2B and B2C communication using eBooks. However, they must ensure that everyone can access and engage with the content. It is essential to improve customer engagement, product understanding and employee productivity.

So, clients seek professional eBook testing services to ensure that their eBooks are highly compatible. But choosing the most suitable service is not easy. Because most companies use automated testing software, which is not highly reliable. Some have manual experts, but they do not have the experience to handle all content formats and languages. So, finding an eBook testing company that uses a combination of manual and technical expertise is crucial. Also, the company must be able to test eBooks across all topics and deliver on time.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is an established eLearning company in the UK. So, we have the expertise of handling a variety of online content, including eBooks. Our eBook testing services are versatile and reliable because we use both technical and manual skills. The eBook typesetters, proofreaders and editors use the latest software to assess the accessibility of content. To do so, they team up with software developers to ensure correct formats and mark-up language. We lay particular emphasis on the compatibility and responsiveness of content as it enhances user engagement.

eBook testing services by Acadecraft guarantee higher ROI, customer conversion and sales. Also, we facilitate better workflow and skill development practices. We are backed by a well-connected team, helping us deliver quality services 24/7. Besides, we have SMEs with in-depth knowledge across different concepts, enabling us to deal with customers across all industry sectors. Most importantly, our team works with eBooks in multiple languages, so we deliver services worldwide.

Types of eBook Testing Services

Broad experience and in-depth professional knowledge allow Acadecraft to deliver a variety of services. These services together help clients enhance their productivity and customer reach.

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Code Validation

Our experts evaluate the underlying code of the client's content. It determines the accessibility of the eBook. An eBook is highly readable if its HTML/XML codes follow EPUB, AWS or KFX formats because most eReaders and publishers accept content in these formats.

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eBooks published with errors always fail to impress audiences. So, proofreaders at Acadecraft checks client's content for grammar errors, language discrepancies, tonality and flow. They ensure content accuracy, appropriate formatting and attractive readability.

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eReader Testing

There are multiple eReader available in the market. To ensure wider reach, clients must publish their eBooks on all these platforms. We provide that the content is in line with the client's preferences across all eReader applications and devices.

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Compliances are vital to attracting global audiences. So, clients use our eBook testing services to ensure that their content is meeting all international compliances. Depending on the region and type of industry the client belongs to, the compliances differ.

Our Clients

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Schools, colleges, universities and eLearning companies use our eBook testing services. They test their eLearning content to ensure that they can communicate with their learners worldwide. So, we elevate the accessibility and compatibility of eBooks across all languages and academic fields.

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Employee training programmes and product descriptions often use eBooks to deliver critical information. We test these eBooks for interactivity and responsiveness because it enhances ROI, employee engagement, product delivery, sales and customer conversion rates.

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eBook publishers in the UK and worldwide rely on our testing services. So, we provide them with appropriate formatting, multiple proofreads and accurate typesetting. Our experts focus on enhancing the readability, salability and accessibility of the eBooks.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we streamline our workflow to deliver services on time. Our testing services are highly reliable because we have years of experience guiding us.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Next, we collect the content design a blueprint of all the necessary services. Then, based on the blueprint, our experts execute the tests. Our quality analysts finally review the content for accuracy, accessibility and language.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, collect, design, execute, review and deliver.

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