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Delivering Accurate OCR Services Using The Latest Software Tools To Businesses For Effective Storage And Editing Of Information

We are a leading content management company offering various OCR services to our valued partners worldwide.
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Key Issues

Digitisation has taken over the functioning of all industries worldwide. Businesses maintain detailed digital records of all their transactions and dealings for easy access and retrieval. However, clients often struggle to digitise the old information recorded as print-outs or in logbooks and ledgers. Many companies hire in-house data entry experts or outsource them, both of which are cost-intensive choices.

Clients prefer to rely on expert OCR service providers who effectively scan printed information and convert them into editable files. Most agencies, however, lack the technical expertise required to scan the documents accurately and deliver illegible and messy content. Some do not have professionals who can work with content in different languages, which restricts their service delivery immensely. So, finding an OCR service provider that can handle large volumes of content across any genre and deliver impressive files in any desired format is challenging. A professional OCR service provider must provide their services on time to clients across all industry sectors.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As an established content management company in the UK, Acadecraft delivers reliable OCR services to clients worldwide. Our experts work with all types of content and provide editable files in the appropriate brightness, clarity, resolution and structure. We handle legal, academic, creative, scientific, financial, corporate, and any other content type. Our team is cautious at handling any sensitive information and ensure complete confidentiality. We deliver the data in encrypted files to clients so that no third party can access the information. Multilingual professionals of Acadecraft convert content in various languages and maintain accuracy at all times. We deliver the editable files in multiple formats like Word, PDF, Excel and more. We ensure to enhance the accessibility, usage and retrieval of information for an improved workflow. Our experts convert scanned content, handwritten text and printed materials using the latest OCR technologies. They deliver content to clients across all time zones and are available for them 24/7.

Types Of OCR Services

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OCR to Word

Acadecraft converts various written and printed documents into word files. It saves a lot of time that would have otherwise spent on retyping the information. Clients can access, edit and retrieve the information whenever they need it.

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OCR to Excel

Acadecraft converts various analytical information like purchases, expenditures, directories and address books into excel sheets. It helps clients easily maintain the data and obtain derivatives from it when stored in Excel, SCV or XML format.

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Acadecraft converts books, files, reports and projects into interactive PDFs that allow clients to search, edit and copy the information. It helps clients access vital written or printed information that learners can later use as references.

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OCR to Non-English

Acadecraft delivers accurate OCR services for various non-English content as well. We have experts who are fluent in multiple languages and the technology required to recognise characters in different languages.

Our Clients

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Schools, colleges, and universities of the United Kingdom worldwide rely on our professional OCR services to convert any written, printed or photographic learning content. We deliver editable files for all academic content so that learners can easily access, edit and store information. We work with clients across all educational levels, academic disciplines and languages.

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Acadecraft provides a wide range of OCR services for various corporate information types like ledgers, account books, product manuals, service brochures, annual reports and policy books. We convert these printed or written material into any digital format so that clients can better organise their finances and make wise business decisions. Our experts work with content in many languages.

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Acadecraft provides OCR converted files to libraries worldwide. They use our services to convert old newspapers, magazines and books into digital records so that readers can easily access, zoom in, print and crop any information they need. It helps libraries maintain a better record of their various assets and saves them a lot of space and money that they would otherwise spend on restoring the pages.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we provide a range of OCR services to clients across all industry verticals. We handle large volumes of information, written and printed, and deliver on time.

First, we understand the client requirements and collect their content. Next, we scan the text or picture content. Then, our team converts them into any desired editable format. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy and clarity.

Hence, we understand, collect, scan, convert, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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