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Providing Efficient Smashwords Conversion Services For Smooth Uploading And Distribution On Various Digital Platforms

We are a leading content management company delivering Smashwords conversions by experts to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Clients worldwide use Smashwords to self-publish and distribute content on various digital platforms. It publishes all kinds of content like novels, short stories, poems and biographies. However, it uses Meatgrinder to generate epub files from the manuscripts submitted by clients, which results in an inconsistent and undesirable reading experience. erratic

So, clients look for effective Smashwords conversion service providers that can manually format their manuscripts while retaining the text's originality. Most conversions, however, lead to improper positioning of texts and images in different eReader devices. Some agencies use automated software tools to convert manuscripts into Smashwords compatible files, which is never error-free. Hence, finding a Smashwords conversion service provider that can provide clients with an accurate EPUB file of their manuscripts is challenging. A professional agency must format the documents manually to ensure precise alignment, originality and compatibility of text across all applications and devices.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a reputed content management company in the UK, Acadecraft delivers accurate Smashwords conversions to clients across all industry sectors. Our conversion and formatting experts manually handle all types of content before delivering ready-to-upload files. We accept manuscript submissions in all formats like Word, Scrivener, Rich Text Format. OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Apple Pages, InDesign or PDF. While working on any manuscript, we ensure to adhere to all the Smashwords Style Guide's regulations. Our conversions guarantee a smooth reading experience across all devices and eReading applications like Nook, Kobo, iPad, Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, iPhone, Android mobiles, laptops and desktops. We carefully integrate all non-textual visual elements like figures, tables, images, and graphs to coordinate the supporting text perfectly. Clients use our converted manuscripts to directly publish fictional content, personal memoirs, poems, essays, screenplays or anything more on Smashwords in the epub format. Our experts convert content across multiple languages and deliver on time, worldwide.

Benefits of Acadecraft's Smashwords Conversion Services

Acadecraft houses the best industry-standard experts who deliver optimal Smashwords conversion and formatting services to clients 24/7.

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Manual Expertise

Acadecraft ensures manual formatting and conversion for all file types. We use manual processes to avoid all the formatting errors expected from automated conversion tools to retain the text's originality.

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Responsive content

Our conversions ensure that all texts, tables, figures, charts and images appear in their original shape and size, irrespective of the device and application used. The pages readjust themselves according to different screen sizes.

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Ready-to-upload files

Once Acadecraft converts a manuscript, clients are rest assured that it has adhered to all the standards mentioned in the Smashwords Style Guide. We never leave any cause for rejection so, clients can directly upload the file on Smashwords.

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Fast turnarounds

Acadecraft can deliver optimal Smashwords conversion in the stipulated time to clients worldwide. We deliver before the deadline so that clients can suggest last-minute additions or changes if any.

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Affordable Pricing

Acadecraft provides high-quality Smashwords conversions at the most attractive prices. We work with all formats and genres of content, so clients can easily find experts from all academic disciplines and work domains under one roof.

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Multilingual Experts

Our team works with content in multiple languages. We understand the intricacies of various fonts and ensure to deliver optimal conversions in any language. We guide clients on the careful inclusion of culturally acceptable images and colour schemes.

Our Clients

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Schools, colleges, and universities of the UK and worldwide rely on our professional Smashwords conversion services to publish digital learning materials. We convert eBooks, lesson plans, curriculums and other academic content into easily accessible learning content. We handle content across all educational levels, academic disciplines and languages.

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Acadecraft provides Smashwords conversion services for various corporate content like product catalogues, service brochures, annual reports, policy manuals and more. We accept drafts in any format and deliver accurate conversions on time to clients worldwide. Our easy-to-upload Smashwords conversions help enhance the client's business reach.

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Publishers worldwide use Acadecraft's standardised Smashwords conversion and formatting services to convert fictional and non-fictional eBooks of various languages. We convert both text-based and image-based content into attractive epub files that clients can directly upload on Smashwords for commercial selling and distribution.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we deliver accurate Smashwords conversion for clients across all industry verticals. We handle large volumes of information in various formats and provide content on time.

First, we understand the client requirements and collect their manuscripts in any format. Next, we design a blueprint that mentions all the different formattings required. Then, our team converts the document manually depending on the content's genre and target audience. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy.

Hence, we understand, collect, design, convert, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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