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Providing Interactive Test Prep Support To Qualify For Oxford’s Classics Courses

As a leading eLearning company, we deliver test prep for all tests in the UK to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Learning Classics like Greek, Latin, or any oriental language from Oxford University is a dream for many. But only a few can qualify the Classics Admissions Test. So, educational clients worldwide look for services that can provide effective guidance to their learners. In-house faculties are not enough to deliver exam-oriented preparation, so they outsource. However, all test prep services are not equally worthy.

Firstly, there are very few agencies that deliver test prep for CAT. Among the ones that do, many lack experts who have subject knowledge for various classic languages. So, clients face difficulties in finding services that can satisfy the learning needs across all the languages. Moreover, in the digital world, online learning has become a basic need for every client. It allows them to connect to their learners worldwide. But many service providers lack the technical expertise needed to create online test prep modules. Hence, they fail to incorporate interactive and adaptive learning features, which are highly impactful. Thus, a client must ensure that the service they partner with delivers impactful online test prep on time.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is one of the best eLearning service providers in the UK. So, we deliver well-researched test prep for CAT. We have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across various languages and academic writers with vast working experience. They work together to create accurate test prep modules. Also, we have software developers and UX/UI designers who build interactive test prep LMSs, applications and websites. They integrate various graphics, illustrations, charts, images and videos to make preparation engaging. We customise our solutions according to the client's needs so, we are always open to new challenges. Depending on the target audience, their accessibility standards and pre-requisite knowledge, our modules differ. Hence, we guarantee increased client engagement, higher ROI and better results to all our clients. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to address the needs of clients worldwide.

Types of Test Prep Services For CAT

A qualified team complemented with the latest software expertise allows us to produce a wide range of test prep solutions. So, we deliver to clients across the educational sector worldwide.

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Translation Papers

We create translation papers for any of the desired classic languages. We base the designs on the CAT question pattern, so they include proses or verses in the target language. Clients use them to test the English translation skills of their learners. We use vocabulary that matches the A-level or equivalent standards.

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CLAT Prep Solutions

Learners attempting an oriental language course or any language they did not study in their A-levels need this test. The Classics Language Aptitude Test includes one-word or one-line answers. So, we prepare the modules accordingly and ensure that they develop language learning abilities in learners.

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Mock Tests

Depending on the course, clients may have learners attempting one or more tests. Accordingly, our experts design mock tests that follow the exam pattern and time limits. So, clients use them to help their learners train better for the actual exam. They increase the speed and confidence of learners.

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Online Tutoring

In Acadecraft, we have native linguists qualified across a wide range of classic languages. They provide specialised one-on-one and group sessions. So, clients worldwide use our services to explain essential features, concepts and solving techniques to their learners. They are available 24/7 and can deliver lectures in multiple languages.

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Practice Sheets

Our practice sheets contain reading, writing and translating modules. So, clients use our services to enhance the problem solving and understanding skills of their learners. They are available for all classic languages in various online and offline formats. It includes different interactive elements to increase engagement.

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Online Q & As

Clients use our online Q & As to help learners in remote locations. To ensure accessibility, we create the modules in formats that allow easy integration into LMSs, learning apps and more. Learners access these modules using any device or operating systems. We also create interactive quizzes and flashcards.

Our Clients

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We deliver test prep solutions to eLearning platforms in the UK and worldwide. Clients prefer to use our services because we provide them in various online modules like PDFs, videos, EPUB and more. We deliver 24/7 and for multiple languages.

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Colleges worldwide use our test prep services to help learners qualify CAT exams with ease. To supplement classroom learning, we deliver both print-ready and online modules. Besides, we always adhere to the syllabus and exam patterns.

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Acadecraft assists online and offline academic publishers to produce various guide books, eBooks, test banks and more. Our technical and concept expertise ensures quality delivery at all times. Hence, publishing clients rely on our services.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft delivers effective test prep services for the Classics Admissions Test in the UK. We have highly qualified academic and technical experts, so we meet all client needs on time.

First, we collaborate with the clients and understand their requirements. Then, depending on their audience, we design a blueprint of the required services. Next, we create the preparation content, which our technical experts convert into online or printable formats. Finally, our quality analysts review the modules for accuracy and compatibility.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, design, create, convert, review and deliver.

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