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Acadecraft is an eLearning company delivering customised test prep for CAT
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Key Issues

CAT or Cognitive Ability Test is one of the most popular tests undertaken by schools in the UK. It helps learners and institutes to determine the direction of further schooling. So, clients provide this test to assess their learners’ interests, strengths and weaknesses. Hence, it is an essential part of education in the UK.

However, all learners are not equally benefited from classes, so clients prefer to provide extra help as test prep solutions. But their in-house experts are already burdened with regular classes, so they rely on external eLearning companies. These companies offer a range of services that help learners better prepare for the CAT. However, all service providers are not reliable because most lack the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) required to produce quality services. If present, they are not familiar with the education system in the UK and fail to adhere to the curriculum requirements. Some do not have the technical expertise to deliver test prep services online. It is a highly limiting factor for today’s world of digital learning. Therefore, before partnering with a service, clients must ensure that it would not create any of these issues.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading eLEarning company in the UK. So, we have the industry’s most qualified SMEs and academic writers. Together with the software developers, they create interactive test prep solutions for CAT in various formats. Also, our team is well aware of the education system, curriculum patterns and learning process of the UK. So, their solutions always adhere to the expected standards.

Moreover, depending on the client’s target audience and service type, we deliver both printable and digital test prep. Our solutions are accessible from any remote location and are compatible across all devices. They are responsive and interactive because we integrate various images, graphics and videos. Besides modules and question banks, we also provide resources. Our online tutors have the experience of delivering lessons for all concepts in the CAT syllabus. They develop unique ways of explaining concepts and solving skills. All our services are available 24/7 and worldwide. We guarantee to enhance learner productivity and ROI for clients across the education sector.

Types Of Test Prep Services For CAT

Owing to the vast experience of our team at Acadecrat, we deliver a range of test prep solutions for CAT. So, educational clients use our services for improved results and feedback.

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Question Banks

CAT is a test for 12-year-olds. So, clients deal with learners having high retention abilities but low concentration. Hence, they use our question banks to boost attention and patience in their learners. It helps them think carefully and solve attentively.

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Practice Sheets

Instead of academic knowledge, CAT tests the reasoning abilities of learners. So, the questions are different from the regular assessments. Clients use our practice sheets to help their learners get familiar with the exam pattern and develop quick thinking abilities.

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Mock Tests

We create accurately timed mock tests that follow the question pattern and syllabus requirement of the CAT. Clients provide our mock test papers to their learners to better acclimatise them to the exam environments. We deliver them in both online and offline formats.

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Learning Modules

The Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Spatial Awareness questions are based on certain key concepts. So, our SMEs create study modules containing detailed explanations and examples of these topics.

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Full-Length TestsOnline Tutoring

Clients in the UK and worldwide use our effective online tutorial services to deliver concepts and problem-solving skills. Moreover, they explain in various native languages and use interactive tools. The tutors are available 24/7 to address all concerns of the learners.

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Group Sessions

Clients often request group learning sessions for their young learners. So, we develop online modules where multiple learners solve papers together. The modules include discussion platforms. Clients use them to enhance the competitive spirit in their learners.

Our Clients

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We deliver interactive test prep solutions to various eLearning clients. They prefer our online modules because we adhere to all LMS and accessibility requirements. All our solutions are SCORM-compliant. Hence, they guarantee compatibility across all devices.

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Schools in the UK use our CAT prep solutions to assist their learners. Clients easily integrate our learning materials into their in-class routines because we provide them in printable and digital formats. Also, they adhere to the CAT curriculum at all times.

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Various publishing companies produce test prep solutions for CAT. Acadecraft provides a multitude of learning content, worksheets and question banks. They rely on our content because it is prepared and validated by qualified academic experts.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft is known to deliver high-quality test prep solutions on time to clients worldwide. It is because we follow a collaborative and tested workflow.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint based on all the services desired by the client. Then, we choose a team of SMEs and academic writers to prepare the test prep content. Our technical experts then integrate the content into the client’s LMS or convert them to printable formats. Finally, our quality analysts review the solutions for accuracy and accessibility.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, design, choose, prepare, integrate/convert and review before delivery.

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