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Key Issues

STEP is a crucial examination for math courses in various universities in the UK, including Cambridge University. It is a high-level test because it assesses the math skills as required at the undergraduate level. However, most A-level education providers and other academic clients fail to prepare their learners well. As it requires special preparation, clients seek professional service. But all agencies do not deliver effective results.

Most agencies fail to understand the question pattern and level of skill required in STEP. So, they end up delivering underqualified or overcomplicated solutions. Besides, many companies do not have the SMEs and academic writers needed to develop intelligent math questions and solve them accurately. On the other hand, some companies lack the technical expertise required to deliver solutions online. Besides, only a few agencies have multilingual experts who can explain concepts in different native languages. Thus, clients must consider all these issues before signing with any agency.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has the industry’s best SMEs and academic writers. So, we always deliver accurate solutions and test help. Besides, our years of experience as an eLearning company in the UK helps us create interactive online test prep. So, clients worldwide use our services to prepare their learners for STEP. Our software experts provide effective platform services for clients to easily integrate our modules into responsive LMSs and mobile apps.

Moreover, we present the learning materials like videos, PDFs, animated clips, graphics and other interactive modules. It guarantees enhanced learner engagement, better results and brand reliability. We customise our services as per the target audience. It is possible because our research analysts assess their language preference, prerequisite knowledge and accessibility levels. Our linguists translate modules into multiple native languages. Hence, we deliver impactful test prep solutions that are compatible across all devices and platforms. Our services are available 24/7 and worldwide.

Types Of Test Prep Services For STEP

Different academic and technical experts of Acadecraft work together to provide a wide range of test prep. So, clients worldwide use our solutions for effective STEP preparation.

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Online Q & As

Acadecraft’s online Q & As help learners gain access to a library of past and newly formed questions. Also, they are highly interactive as they provide direct feedback highlighting multiple methods to solve a problem. So, clients across the educational sector use these services.

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Practice Sheets

Nothing enhances math skills better than practice. So, clients use our practice sheets to help learners practise various types of questions. We prepare practice modules for both STEP 2 and STEP 3 papers. All our questions align with the difficulty level prescribed by the presiding body.

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Mock Tests

Clients rarely have a clear idea about the structuring of the long and complex questions in STEP. So, we create tests that include university-style questions. Clients use them to develop speed and technique in their learners, so they adapt better to the exam environment.

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Online Tutoring

Acadecraft has multilingual math tutors who can provide A-level, AS level and A level further mathematics assistance. So, clients use their services to deliver lessons across pure math concepts, probability, mechanics and statistics. They are available 24/7 and worldwide.

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Printable Tests

STEP is a pen-and-paper test, so practising actual printed tests is essential. Clients use our print-ready test prep to develop confidence and patience in their learners. They also learn to solve problems within the space provided and avoid possible mistakes.

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Group Sessions

Clients use our group sessions to help deliver a competitive spirit among their learners. It also keeps them motivated to solve more and faster. Hence, we ensure that our sessions facilitate live discussion and instant feedback. It is a relaxing way of preparing for a challenging test.

Our Clients

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eLearning platforms worldwide use our test prep solutions for effective delivery of test prep. We create them in multiple highly compatible digital formats. So, they rely on our experts for on-time solution delivery and assistance.

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Colleges and further education institutes in the UK rely on Acadecraft’s test-prep services. We deliver learning modules, worksheets, tutorials and more. The content adheres to the syllabus, so it complements regular academic learning.

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The publishing industry worldwide uses our solutions and test prep modules to produce solution manuals, question banks and more. Our services are created and validated by academic experts, so they guarantee accuracy at all times.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft delivers a multitude of test prep services to clients in the UK and the world. To ensure accuracy and accessibility, we follow a tested workflow that guarantees positive results every time.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand the requirements. Next, we design the blueprint of the different services required. Then, we formulate a suitable team to develop the test prep content, which our technical experts integrate into the client’s online platforms. Finally, our quality analysts review the test prep modules for compatibility and accuracy of information.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, design, formulate, develop, integrate and review before delivery.

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