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Interactive Test Preparation Solutions For UCAT To Enhance Learner Productivity

As an eLearning company, Acadecraft delivers well-researched test prep content to all valued clients.
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Key Issues

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a major admissions test accepted by medical and dental universities in the UK. So, the competition level is extremely high. Educational clients worldwide fail to provide the necessary help required to prepare their learners. It is because they are already burdened with the regular academic curriculum. So, most institutes outsource test prep services from professional agencies.

However, not all test prep agencies provide quality services. Many of them lack the required SMEs and tutors needed to deliver optimal help. Some others have the manual expertise but do not have the technical competency to deliver the solutions online. Then again, there are a few agencies that provide test prep materials without any extensive research about the question pattern. So, their solutions are unreliable and ineffective. Hence, clients must ensure to partner with a credible agency that will take care of all these issues. Moreover, they must also be able to deliver services 24/7.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is one of the UK’s leading eLearning companies. So, we house talented and highly experienced SMEs who have previously trained learners for UCAT. Our team also includes academic writers and content creators who ensure that the test prep solutions are engaging and interactive. Most importantly, we have highly qualified research analysts who are proficient with the UCAT question pattern. They assist the rest of the team to create valid and accurate services. We offer customised solutions because we realise that every client has different needs and focus areas. Our test prep solutions are learner-centric, so it allows learners to go through the modules at their own pace.

All of our services are designed to assess and improve the learners’ reasoning, decision making and situational judgment skills. Clients use our modules to help their learners focus on their weak areas. It is possible because we offer instant feedback for clients to keep track of learner progress. Moreover, we guarantee consistent interaction with our online tutors for doubt clearing and discussion. Clients worldwide access our online UCAT preparation modules from anywhere, any time. They include engaging solutions that guarantee higher success ratios to clients worldwide. We provide classroom and online learning services, 24/7.

Types Of Test Prep Services For UCAT

The team at Acadecraft includes highly experienced and qualified specialists. So, they ensure to meet all learner objectives and client goals through tailor-made solutions.

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Printable test prep

Digital solutions are high in demand but printed test prep material has its own relevance. So, Acadecraft creates printable UCAT preparation solutions for clients worldwide. They receive books, manuals, worksheets, practice papers, and more.

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Online Q & As

Online Q & As are a great way for clients to assess their learners’ progress and understanding. Moreover, our Q & As deliver instant feedback so learners rectify their mistakes and remember concepts better. They are compatible across all LMSs and devices.

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Mock Tests

Clients worldwide look to prepare their learners in the best way possible. However, all will fail if the learner is unable to deliver because of nervousness or anxiety. So, they use our mock papers to familiarise their learners with the UCAT exam environment.

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Learning Material

Most clients struggle to provide clear concepts for all topics included in UCATs. It is because the exam’s standard is higher than the regular academic levels. So, we provide optimal learning solutions in the form of eBooks, PPTs, PDF, and video lessons.

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Full-Length Tests

UCAT is only a two-hour long test but more often than not, it is the number of questions that pose a challenge. So, our full-length tests allow clients to help their learners solve all the questions. With practice, they gradually speed up.

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Concept-Specific Tests

Clients use our UCAT concept-specific tests to better prepare their learners who lack in certain topics only. It helps them strengthen their weaknesses through rigorous practice and effort. They are available in various printable and digital formats.

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Question Banks

These are highly effective for clients to assist their learners with concept clarification and practice. Moreover, they include all the question types and concepts mentioned in the UCAT syllabus.

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Test Tools

UCAT is a computer-based test so it uses various online test tools. We ensure that clients can help their learners familiarize with those tools. We provide practice sessions where learners use the note-taking features, online calculators, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

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Reasoning Tests

Acadecraft prepares various verbal, quantitative and abstract reasoning tests for UCAT. They assess the critical, convergent and divergent thinking abilities of learners. We follow the exam pattern so the tests include both written and numerical questions.

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Online Tutoring

Certified online tutors of Acadecraft have a wide experience of delivering UCAT preparation. So, clients use them for both one-on-one personalised and group tutoring sessions. They are fluent in multiple languages, which helps in easier concept delivery.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft offers a multitude of test prep solutions to various eLearning clients that provide UCAT preparation services. Our solutions benefit their learners because they are highly interactive and accessible.

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Colleges use our UCAT preparation solutions to prepare interested learners alongside their regular studies. Irrespective of the volume of service required, we deliver high quality solutions at all times.

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Coaching Institutes

Acadecraft provides both printable and digital test prep solutions to coaching institutes. They use our services because certified experts prepare them. Also, the modules cater to all syllabus requirements in detail.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft provides conclusive test prep solutions for UCAT exams to clients in the UK and worldwide. Besides, we ensure to adhere to the syllabus requirements and question pattern.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint of all the different types of solutions. Then, our team prepares the content, which our technical experts integrate into LMSs, apps and platforms. Finally, our quality analysts review the test prep solutions for accuracy and accessibility.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, design, prepare, transform and review before delivery.

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