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We are an eLearning content development company delivering mobile-friendly courses by effectively converting PowerPoint presentations.
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Key Issues

PowerPoint (PPT) presentations are among the most popular methods of delivering information in the education and corporate sectors. They are a crucial part of every meeting and class, but one of the limitations of PPTs is that users overstuff them with content. When this happens, viewers get distracted from the presenter's actual narrative and focus only on the slides. The chances of running into technical difficulties are also pretty high. Such concerns have led to an increase in the demand for conversion services from PPT To online mobile-ready content. Mobile-ready content is easily accessible to both students and educators.

A right eLrighting service provider must offer accurate PPT to mobile-ready course conversion services on a pocket-friendly budget. Their experts must be familiar with all the latest conversion tools and deliver personalized and interactive mobile-ready e-learning solutions to clients belonging to different industry sectors. However, finding an agency that can provide easy-to-use, compatible and downloadable eLearning modules on time is challenging. PPT conversion services, which are easy to use, download, and supports any browser.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft provides quality eLearning content by effectively converting PPT presentations to mobile-ready courses. Our highly skilled and experienced team is adept with all the latest software technologies and conversion tools required to create quick and accessible eLearning solutions. We have subject matter experts (SMEs) who have in-depth knowledge of various concept fields. They ensure all academic and technical information in the modules without compromising the content's interactivity and accuracy. The modules are compatible across all devices and browsers. Our quality analysts evaluate the content multiple times before delivering. They are mindful of every detail and follow a standard evaluation process to scan the content for accuracy and quality. Professionals blend various formatting elements like tables, images, graphs, diagrams and other visual elements into the converted content. We restore old flash drive content to make future content proof and design real-time e-learning course content for multiple formats. Our services are deliverable 24*7 and across the globe.

Benefits of PPT to mobile-ready course conversion services

Conversion services from PPT to mobile responsive e-learning content benefit clients in many different ways. Mobile supported modules make learning more collaborative and accessible. It guarantees user engagement and greater productivity across all business sectors, be it education or industry training.

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Instead of PPT presentations where one requires a complete set up of a laptop, projector and speakers, mobile-ready e-learning content is accessible anywhere. Learners can learn from their homes using any preferred device and any language, as these modules usually come with subtitles or voiceovers. The modules may include text, videos, audio podcasts and other popular multimedia assets.

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Collaborative Learning

One mobile-ready learning module can every user worldwide at the same time. It makes learning more collaborative and engaging, and learners can act as one big learning community online. This community experience assures that every user gets the same knowledge simultaneously and allows them to exchange ideas and share information.

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Multiple device support

Unlike PPTs, mobile-ready courses are compatible across multiple devices. Everyone can access the same course from PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, eliminating the digital divide and other advantages that users may have because of better devices and technological supremacy.

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Performance Support

Standard eLearning modules on mobile phones can help users fit and track their lessons easily into their daily routine. It helps create a learning habit that guarantees high-quality performance and provides easy access to content even while working. Users can take as many lessons as they want to at any time of the day and schedule all the other events accordingly. This way, learning does not seem like a burden or duty anymore.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft converts academic PPT presentations to online mobile-ready courses for schools, colleges, universities and eLearning platforms. We use the latest conversion tools to generate interactive and visually appealing academic content. Our SMEs help us convert books, educational plans, assessments, pamphlets, prospectus and other academic documents accurately. We have experts who are proficient in all academic disciplines and educational levels, which allows us to deliver accessible modules to all.

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Acadecraft delivers budget-friendly PPT presentations to mobile-ready conversion services to multiple industry sectors. We convert training modules, marketing material, promotional content, product information, catalogues, brochures and other industrial content. Our experts are familiar with all the technical and industry jargons, which allow them to convert business materials across all formats efficiently.

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Acadecraft delivers mobile-ready online courses to publishers who produce eLearning content like assessments, concept-specific textbooks, manuals and other learning material across all genres. They are integrated with audio, video, image and other interactive elements to attract users.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we deliver reliable PPT To online mobile-ready course conversion services that guarantee improved user engagement, productivity and client satisfaction. We design our modules in line with the business goals and learning objectives of the client.

First, we collaborate with the client and gather all the information about the project. Based on that, we choose the appropriate conversion tools and convert the PPT To an online mobile-ready course. Finally, our quality analysts review the learning material for accuracy of content and language before delivery.

Hence, we collaborate, gather information, choose, convert, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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